Italian movie actresses died when they were 58

Here are 4 famous actresses from Italy died at 58:

Lilli Carati

Lilli Carati (September 23, 1956 Varese-October 21, 2014) otherwise known as Lili Carati, Ileana Caravati, Ileana Carenati, Lilly Karat or Lilly Carati was an Italian pornographic film actor and actor.

She died in brain tumor.

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Margherita Bagni

Margherita Bagni (February 21, 1902 Turin-July 2, 1960 Rome) also known as Margherita Maria Bagna was an Italian actor and voice actor. She had one child, Nora Ricci.

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Maria Michi

Maria Michi (May 14, 1921 Rome-April 7, 1980 Grottaferrata) was an Italian actor.

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Rosetta Tofano

Rosetta Tofano (March 5, 1902 Milan-April 7, 1960 Rome) also known as Rosa Cavallari was an Italian actor and costume designer. Her child is called Gilberto Tofano.

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