Italian movie actresses died in the year 1963

Here are 3 famous actresses from Italy died in 1963:

Titina De Filippo

Titina De Filippo (March 27, 1898 Chiaia-December 26, 1963 Rome) otherwise known as Titina, Tina De Filippo, Annunziata Passarelli or Annunziata De Filippo was an Italian actor, screenwriter and playwright. Her child is called Augusto Carloni.

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Carmen Boni

Carmen Boni (April 8, 1901 Rome-November 19, 1963 Paris) otherwise known as Maria Carmela Bonicatti, Carmela Bonicatti or Carmen Boni Genina was an Italian actor.

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Gorella Gori

Gorella Gori (February 2, 1900 Rome-November 25, 1963 Rome) also known as Zaira Erba was an Italian actor.

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