Italian movie actresses died in the year 1993

Here are 5 famous actresses from Italy died in 1993:

Didi Perego

Didi Perego (April 13, 1937 Milan-June 28, 1993 Rome) otherwise known as Aida Perego or Didi Sullivan was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Nerina Montagnani

Nerina Montagnani (April 20, 1897 Maranello-November 4, 1993 Maranello) a.k.a. Marina Montagnani was an Italian actor, teacher and gardener.

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Elena Fabrizi

Elena Fabrizi (June 17, 1915 Rome-August 9, 1993 Rome) also known as Elisa Fabrizi, Lella Fabrizi or Sora Lella was an Italian actor, chef, restaurateur and tv personality. She had one child, Aldo Trabalza.

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Elena Nicolai

Elena Nicolai (January 24, 1905 Lesichovo municipality-October 23, 1993 Milan) otherwise known as Stoyanka Savova Nikolova, Elena Nicolay or Elena Stojanka Savova Nikolova was an Italian singer and actor.

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Dria Paola

Dria Paola (November 21, 1909 Rovigo-November 12, 1993 Rome) also known as Etra Pitteo was an Italian actor.

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