Italian movie actresses died in the year 1996

Here are 7 famous actresses from Italy died in 1996:

Laura Adani

Laura Adani (October 7, 1913 Modena-August 30, 1996 Moncalieri) was an Italian actor.

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Goliarda Sapienza

Goliarda Sapienza (May 10, 1924 Catania-August 30, 1996 Gaeta) was an Italian actor and writer.

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Elvi Lissiak

Elvi Lissiak (July 19, 1929 Trieste-February 25, 1996 Rome) a.k.a. Elvira Lissiach, Elvy Lissiak or E. Lissiak was an Italian actor.

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Denise Grey

Denise Grey (September 17, 1896 Châtillon-January 13, 1996 Paris) a.k.a. Jeanne Verthuy, Denise Gray, Édouardine Verthuy or Jeanne Marie Laurentine Edouardine Verthuy was an Italian actor. Her child is called Suzanne Grey.

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Elisa Cegani

Elisa Cegani (June 10, 1911 Turin-February 23, 1996 Rome) also known as Elisa Angela Maria Cegani or Elisa Sandri was an Italian actor.

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Eva Czemerys

Eva Czemerys a.k.a. Eva Cemerys was an Italian actor.

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Irasema Dilián

Irasema Dilián (May 27, 1924 Rio de Janeiro-April 16, 1996 Ceprano) also known as Eva Irasema Warschalowska, Eva I. Dilian, Eva Irasema Dilian, Eva Dilian, Irasema Dilian, Irasema Dillian or Eva Dilián was an Italian actor. She had two children, Coralla Maiuri and Antonio Maiuri.

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