Italian movie actresses died in the year 2011

Here are 3 famous actresses from Italy died in 2011:

Nilla Pizzi

Nilla Pizzi (April 16, 1919 Sant'Agata Bolognese-March 12, 2011 Segrate) also known as Adionilla Negrini Pizzi or Adionilla Pizzi was an Italian singer and actor.

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Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray (February 2, 1928 Bolzano-February 15, 2011 Torcegno) a.k.a. Maria Luisa Mangini was an Italian actor.

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María Mercader

María Mercader (March 6, 1918 Barcelona-January 26, 2011 Rome) also known as Maria de la Asuncion Mercader Fordada, María Mercader Forcada, Maria Mercarder, Maria Mercader or Maria Mercader de Sica was an Italian actor. Her children are called Christian De Sica and Manuel De Sica.

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