Italian musicians born in the year 1923

Here are 6 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1923:

Cesare Siepi

Cesare Siepi (February 10, 1923 Milan-July 5, 2010 Atlanta) also known as Siepi, Cesare was an Italian opera singer.

Related albums: La Bohème: Scenes and Arias, L'amore dei tre re (London Symphony Orchestra & Ambrosian Opera Chorus feat. conductor: Nello Santi) and Recital: 1947-1957. Genres: Opera.

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Giacomo Rondinella

Giacomo Rondinella (August 30, 1923 Messina-February 25, 2015) was an Italian singer and actor. He had one child, Roberto Rondinella.

His albums: Giacomo Rondinella accompagnato dell'Orchestra Giannini.

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Aurelio Fierro

Aurelio Fierro (September 13, 1923 Montella-March 11, 2005 Naples) was an Italian actor and singer.

His albums: .

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Lelio Luttazzi

Lelio Luttazzi (April 27, 1923 Trieste-July 8, 2010 Trieste) also known as J. K. Broady was an Italian film score composer, actor, composer, singer, musician, conductor, presenter, songwriter, television presenter and writer. He had one child, Donatella Luttazzi.

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Giuseppe Campora

Giuseppe Campora (September 30, 1923 Tortona-December 5, 2004 Tortona) was an Italian singer and actor.

His albums include .

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Lisa Morpurgo

Lisa Morpurgo (May 19, 1923 Soncino-March 9, 1998 Milan) also known as Lisa Dordoni or Elisa Morpurgo was an Italian novelist and screenwriter.

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