Italian musicians born in the year 1962

Here are 12 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1962:

Alessandra Mussolini

Alessandra Mussolini (December 30, 1962 Rome-) is an Italian politician, actor and model. Her children are Caterina Mussolini, Clarissa Mussolini and Romano Mussolini.

Related albums: Amore, Love Is Love and Tokyo Fantasy.

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Steve Albini

Steve Albini (July 22, 1962 Pasadena-) otherwise known as Steven Frank Albini or Albini, Steve is an Italian musician, record producer, engineer, singer, journalist, guitarist, audio engineer and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: All Right! You Little Bastards! (Live in Japan 1992). Genres: Indie rock, Noise rock, Grunge, Alternative rock, Post-hardcore, Punk rock and Math rock.

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Stefano Gervasoni

Stefano Gervasoni (July 26, 1962 Bergamo-) is an Italian , .

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Roberto Paci Dalò

Roberto Paci Dalò (January 27, 1962 Rimini-) is an Italian , .

His most well known albums: Sparks.

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Giovanni Sollima

Giovanni Sollima (October 24, 1962 Palermo-) a.k.a. Sollima, Giovanni or Solima, Giovanni is an Italian cellist and composer.

His albums include Aquilarco, Works, We Were Trees, Viaggio in Italia, Caravaggio and Alone: Works for Solo Cello. Genres: Classical music.

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Pietra Montecorvino

Pietra Montecorvino (December 2, 1962 Naples-) also known as Barbara D'Alessandro is an Italian actor and singer. She has two children, Fulvio Bennato and Carola Bennato.

Her albums include Napoli mediterranea.

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Luca Carboni

Luca Carboni (October 12, 1962 Bologna-) is an Italian singer-songwriter.

Discography: ...intanto Dustin Hoffman non sbaglia Un Film, Forever, Luca Carboni, Persone silenziose, Carboni, Mondo, Carovana, LU*CA, Diario and Il tempo dell'amore.

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Piero Pelù

Piero Pelù (February 10, 1962 Florence-) a.k.a. Piero Pelu or Pelù, Piero is an Italian singer. He has three children, Greta Pelù, Linda Pelù and Zoe Pelù.

His discography includes: Né buoni né cattivi, U.D.S.: L'uomo della strada, Soggetti smarriti, Presente, In faccia, MTV Storytellers, , Il mio nome è Mai Più and . Genres he performed include Pop rock, Rock music and Heavy metal.

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Den Harrow

Den Harrow (June 4, 1962 Nova Milanese-) a.k.a. Manuel Stefano Carry or Harrow, Den is an Italian singer.

His most recognized albums: The Best Of, Overpower, Lies, I, Den, I successi, Don't Break My Heart (Remixes 2001), Day by Day, Back From the Future, Mad Desire and A Taste of Love. Genres he performed: Italo disco, New Wave and Euro disco.

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Michéal Castaldo

Michéal Castaldo (September 25, 1962 Calabria-) is an Italian singer, record producer and songwriter.

His albums include Aceto, Extravergine, Villa, Bergamot and La Dolce Vita 'NAmerica. His related genres: Classical music and Operatic pop.

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Fargetta (July 19, 1962 Lissone-) also known as Mario Fargetta, DJ Getfar, DJ Get Far, Mario Fargetta ft. Sara or Far, Get is an Italian record producer and disc jockey. He has two children, Sofia Fargetta and Mattia Fargetta.

His albums include Your Love, This Time, Deejay Parade 2001, The Radio, If I Ever, Free and Shining Star. Genres: House music, Techno, Electro, Trance music and Italo dance.

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Semino Rossi

Semino Rossi (May 29, 1962 Rosario-) also known as Omar Ernesto Semino is an Italian singer.

His albums include Ich denk' an Dich, Feliz Navidad, Tausend Rosen Für Dich, Du mein Gefühl, Alles aus Liebe, Einmal ja – immer ja, Ich Denk An Dich (International Version), Feliz Navidad (International Version), Einmal Ja - Immer Ja (International Version) and Alles Aus Liebe (International Version).

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