Italian musicians born in the year 1980

Here are 9 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1980:

Cesare Cremonini

Cesare Cremonini (March 27, 1980 Bologna-) is an Italian actor, film score composer, singer-songwriter and musician.

His most well known albums: Bagus, Maggese, 1+8+24, , PadreMadre, , La teoria dei colori and . Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Marco Sfogli

Marco Sfogli (April 4, 1980-) also known as Sfogli, Marco is an Italian , .

His discography includes: There's Hope and . Genres: Progressive metal and Instrumental rock.

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Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro (February 21, 1980 Latina-) otherwise known as Tiziano Ferro - Alex Inc ©, Tiziano Fero or Ferro, Tiziano is an Italian singer, singer-songwriter, record producer and author.

His most recognized albums: Rosso relativo, 111 - Ciento Once, Perdono, Rosso relativo, 111 Centoundici, Nessuno è solo, Alla mia età, L'amore è una cosa semplice, Scivoli di nuovo and Stop! Dimentica. Genres related to him: Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Latin pop, Hip hop music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Pop rock and Hip hop soul.

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Nina Zilli

Nina Zilli (February 2, 1980 Piacenza-) is an Italian singer and songwriter.

Her albums: Sempre lontano, Nina Zilli, L'amore è femmina and . Genres: Soul music, Rhythm and blues, Reggae, Pop rock and Contemporary R&B.

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Nesli (December 29, 1980 Senigallia-) also known as Francesco Tarducci or Nesly Rice is an Italian singer and record producer.

His discography includes: Le verità nascoste, Fragile: Nesliving, Volume 2, Nesliving, Volume 1, Ego, Home, , , , and Nesliving, Volume 3: Voglio. Genres: Pop-rap.

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Francesco Facchinetti

Francesco Facchinetti (May 2, 1980 Como-) a.k.a. dj francesco, dj_francesco or Francesco, DJ is an Italian presenter. He has one child, Mia Facchinetti.

His most well known albums: Bella di padella and Il mondo di Francesca. Genres related to him: Pop music and Hip hop music.

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Moony (September 27, 1980 Venice-) also known as Monica Bragato is an Italian singer and musician.

Her discography includes: Lifestories, Dove (I'll Be Loving You) and I Don't Know Why. Genres she performed include Pop music and Dance music.

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Chris Volpe

Chris Volpe (August 29, 1980 Cleveland-) also known as Christopher Robert Volpe is an Italian songwriter, musician and singer.

His discography includes: Refugee Blues. Genres: Rock music, Country, Bluegrass and Folk music.

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Anna Azerli

Anna Azerli (November 17, 1980 Wellington-) is an Italian singer, actor, model and opera singer.

Genres she performed include Opera and Pop music.

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