Italian musicians died when they were 48

Here are 9 famous musicians from Italy died at 48:

Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso (February 25, 1873 Naples-August 2, 1921 Naples) also known as Caruso, Enrico, Errico or Caruso was an Italian singer. His children are called Gloria Caruso, Rodolfo Caruso and Enrico Caruso Jr..

His albums include The Legendary Enrico Caruso 21 Favorite Arias, His First Recordings, La grande canzone napoletana: Santa Lucia, Prima Voce: Caruso - Arias, Ensembles, Songs 1904-1920, The Digital Comeback, Complete Recordings Vol. 5, 4 Sacred Songs, Historical Recordings 1906-1914, Sacred Songs for the Holy Year and Caruso Sings Verismo Arias. Genres he performed: Opera.

He died caused by peritonitis.

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Annibale Carracci

Annibale Carracci (November 3, 1560 Bologna-July 15, 1609 Rome) was an Italian painter.

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Palma Vecchio

Palma Vecchio (April 5, 1480 Bergamo-July 30, 1528 Venice) was an Italian personality.

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James Richardson Spensley

James Richardson Spensley (May 17, 1867 Stoke Newington-November 10, 1915 Mainz) was an Italian personality.

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Alessandro Achillini

Alessandro Achillini (October 20, 1463 Bologna-August 2, 1512 Bologna) was an Italian physician and philosopher.

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Bartolomeo Carducci

Bartolomeo Carducci (April 5, 1560 Florence-November 14, 1608 Madrid) was an Italian personality.

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Steve Fiorilla

Steve Fiorilla (January 12, 1961 Paterson-July 29, 2009) was an Italian personality.

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Joseph Petrosino

Joseph Petrosino (August 30, 1860 Padula-March 12, 1909 Palermo) was an Italian personality.

He died in assassination.

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Enrique Guaita

Enrique Guaita (July 11, 1910 Lucas González, Argentina-May 18, 1959) was an Italian personality.

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