Italian musicians died when they were 59

Here are 11 famous musicians from Italy died at 59:

Curzio Malaparte

Curzio Malaparte (June 9, 1898 Prato-July 19, 1957 Rome) also known as Kurt Eric Suckert was an Italian writer, novelist, journalist and diplomat.

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Filippo De Pisis

Filippo De Pisis (May 11, 1896 Ferrara-April 2, 1956 Milan) was an Italian personality.

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Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico (April 5, 1395 Vicchio-February 18, 1455 Rome) a.k.a. Angelico was an Italian artist and visual artist.

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Silvana Mangano

Silvana Mangano (April 21, 1930 Rome-December 16, 1989 Madrid) was an Italian actor and model. She had four children, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Veronica De Laurentiis, Francesca DeLaurentiis and Federico De Laurentiis.

She died as a result of lung cancer.

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Domenichino (October 21, 1581 Bologna-April 6, 1641 Naples) was an Italian personality.

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Ottavio Rinuccini

Ottavio Rinuccini (January 20, 1562 Florence-March 28, 1621 Florence) also known as Rinuccini, Ottavio was an Italian librettist and poet.

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Tommaso Maria Zigliara

Tommaso Maria Zigliara (October 1, 1833 Corsica-May 11, 1893) was an Italian philosopher.

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Annibale Caro

Annibale Caro (June 6, 1507 Civitanova Marche-November 17, 1566 Rome) also known as Annibal Caro was an Italian personality.

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Giambattista Benedetti

Giambattista Benedetti (August 14, 1530 Venice-January 20, 1590 Turin) was an Italian physicist and mathematician.

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Antonio Beduzzi

Antonio Beduzzi (April 5, 1675 Bologna-March 4, 1735 Vienna) was an Italian engineer and architect.

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Evaristo Baschenis

Evaristo Baschenis (December 7, 1617 Bergamo-March 16, 1677 Bergamo) was an Italian personality.

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