Italian musicians died when they were 65

Here are 13 famous musicians from Italy died at 65:

Marsilio Ficino

Marsilio Ficino (October 19, 1433 Figline Valdarno-October 1, 1499 Villa Medici at Careggi) was an Italian astrologer and philosopher.

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Dino Buzzati

Dino Buzzati (October 16, 1906 Belluno-January 28, 1972 Milan) also known as Dino Buzzati-Traverso or Dino Buzzati Traverso was an Italian writer, novelist and journalist.

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Anna Magnani

Anna Magnani (March 7, 1908 Rome-September 26, 1973 Rome) also known as La Lupa, Ann Magnani, La Magnani, Nannarella, Perennial toast of Rome, The Italian Édith Piaf, A. Magnani or living she-wolf symbol was an Italian actor. She had one child, Luca Magnani.

She died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Francesco Primaticcio

Francesco Primaticcio (April 30, 1504 Bologna-April 5, 1570 Paris) was an Italian architect.

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Giambattista Basile

Giambattista Basile (April 5, 1566 Naples-February 23, 1632) was an Italian writer.

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Domenico di Pace Beccafumi

Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (April 5, 1486 Siena-May 18, 1551 Siena) was an Italian personality.

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Mario Bava

Mario Bava (July 31, 1914 Sanremo-April 25, 1980 Rome) also known as John M. Old, Mickey Lion, Mario Baja, John Foam, John Hold or Marie Foam was an Italian film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and special effects artist. He had one child, Lamberto Bava.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Arturo Graf

Arturo Graf (January 19, 1848 Athens-May 31, 1913 Turin) was an Italian personality.

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Aleardo Aleardi

Aleardo Aleardi (November 14, 1812 Verona-July 17, 1878) was an Italian personality.

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Giorgio Chinaglia

Giorgio Chinaglia (January 24, 1947 Carrara-April 1, 2012 Naples) was an Italian personality.

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Giovanni Lanfranco

Giovanni Lanfranco (January 26, 1582 Parma-November 30, 1647 Rome) was an Italian personality.

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Michele Sindona

Michele Sindona (May 8, 1920 Patti-March 22, 1986 Voghera) was an Italian banker, mafioso and lawyer.

He died caused by poison.

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Charlie Colombo

Charlie Colombo (July 20, 1920 St. Louis-May 7, 1986 St. Louis) also known as Charles Colombo was an Italian personality.

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