Italian musicians died when they were 67

Here are 15 famous musicians from Italy died at 67:

Primo Levi

Primo Levi (July 31, 1919 Turin-April 11, 1987 Turin) a.k.a. Primo Michele Levi was an Italian writer, novelist, chemist, essayist, author and poet. He had two children, Lisa Levi and Renzo Levi.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Maria Antonietta Beluzzi

Maria Antonietta Beluzzi (July 26, 1930 Bologna-August 6, 1997 Bologna) also known as Maria Antonietta was an Italian actor.

She died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Frances Xavier Cabrini

Frances Xavier Cabrini (July 15, 1850 Sant'Angelo Lodigiano-December 22, 1917 Chicago) was an Italian personality.

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Franciscus Patricius

Franciscus Patricius (April 25, 1529 Cres-February 6, 1597 Rome) was an Italian scientist and philosopher.

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Suze Rotolo

Suze Rotolo (November 20, 1943 Queens-February 24, 2011) was an Italian artist and visual artist.

She died as a result of lung cancer.

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Hugh Joseph Addonizio

Hugh Joseph Addonizio (January 31, 1914 Newark-February 2, 1981 Red Bank) otherwise known as Mayor Hugh Joseph Addonizio was an Italian politician.

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Santi di Tito

Santi di Tito (March 6, 1536 Sansepolcro-July 23, 1603 Florence) was an Italian architect.

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Pier Paolo Vergerio

Pier Paolo Vergerio (April 5, 1498 Koper-October 4, 1565 Tübingen) was an Italian personality.

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Giacomo Zanella

Giacomo Zanella (September 9, 1820 Veneto-May 17, 1888 Vicenza) was an Italian personality.

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Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison (September 14, 1934 Queens-April 24, 2002 Manhattan) was an Italian journalist, novelist and essayist.

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Ermete Novelli

Ermete Novelli (March 5, 1851 Lucca-January 30, 1919) was an Italian playwright.

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Temistocle Calzecchi-Onesti

Temistocle Calzecchi-Onesti (December 14, 1853 Lapedona-December 25, 1920 Monterubbiano) was an Italian physicist and mathematician.

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Tony Gaudio

Tony Gaudio (November 20, 1883 Cosenza-August 10, 1951 Burlingame) also known as Antonio Gaudio, Gaetano Gaudio, Gaetano Antonio Gaudio or Tony G. Gaudio was an Italian cinematographer and film director. He had four children, Tony Gaudio, Elena Gaudio Hipple, Francesco Gaudio and Vera Gaudio Woods.

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Maria Tore Barbina

Maria Tore Barbina (July 22, 1940 Udine-August 28, 2007) was an Italian personality.

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Sandro Salvadore

Sandro Salvadore (November 29, 1939 Milan-January 4, 2007 Costigliole d'Asti) was an Italian personality.

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