Italian musicians died when they were 78

Here are 28 famous musicians from Italy died at 78:

Altiero Spinelli

Altiero Spinelli (August 31, 1907 Rome-May 23, 1986) was an Italian journalist and politician.

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Robert Bellarmine

Robert Bellarmine (October 4, 1542 Montepulciano-September 17, 1621 Rome) also known as St. Robert Bellarmine was an Italian physician.

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Giovanni d'Andrea

Giovanni d'Andrea (April 5, 1270-July 7, 1348 Bologna) was an Italian lawyer.

He died in bubonic plague.

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Mario Berlinguer

Mario Berlinguer (August 29, 1891 Sassari-September 5, 1969 Rome) was an Italian lawyer. He had two children, Enrico Berlinguer and Giovanni Berlinguer.

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Paolo Uccello

Paolo Uccello (April 5, 1397 Florence-December 10, 1475 Florence) was an Italian personality.

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Romano Mussolini

Romano Mussolini (September 26, 1927 Forlì-February 3, 2006 Rome) also known as Mussolini, Romano or Raymond Full was an Italian jazz pianist, composer and painter. He had three children, Alessandra Mussolini, Elisabetta Mussolini and Rachele Mussolini.

His albums: Mirage.

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Melchiore Cesarotti

Melchiore Cesarotti (May 15, 1730 Padua-November 4, 1808) was an Italian personality.

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Salvador Luria

Salvador Luria (August 13, 1912 Turin-February 6, 1991 Lexington) also known as S. E. Luria, Salvatore Edoardo Luria or Salvador E. Luria was an Italian scientist.

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Joey Giardello

Joey Giardello (July 16, 1930 Brooklyn-September 4, 2008 Cherry Hill) was an Italian professional boxer.

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Paul Gallico

Paul Gallico (July 26, 1897 New York City-July 15, 1976 Monaco) also known as Paul William Gallico was an Italian writer, novelist and screenwriter.

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Benvenuto Tisi

Benvenuto Tisi (April 5, 1481 Ferrara-September 6, 1559 Ferrara) also known as Benvenuto Tisio was an Italian personality.

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Mauro Bolognini

Mauro Bolognini (June 28, 1922 Pistoia-May 14, 2001 Rome) was an Italian film director, screenwriter, television director, writer and theatre director.

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Scipione Breislak

Scipione Breislak (February 12, 1748 Rome-February 15, 1826 Milan) was an Italian scientist.

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Pietro Annigoni

Pietro Annigoni (June 7, 1910 Milan-October 28, 1988 Florence) also known as the painter of the queens was an Italian personality. His child is called Benedetto Annigoni.

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Giovanni Battista Casti

Giovanni Battista Casti (August 29, 1724 Acquapendente-February 5, 1803 Paris) was an Italian librettist.

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Enrico Baj

Enrico Baj (October 31, 1924 Milan-June 15, 2003) was an Italian writer, artist and visual artist.

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Francesco Bracciolini

Francesco Bracciolini (November 26, 1566 Pistoia-August 31, 1645 Pistoia) was an Italian personality.

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Rossano Brazzi

Rossano Brazzi (September 18, 1916 Bologna-December 24, 1994 Rome) also known as Edward Ross, Rosanno Brazzi or Rossano Brazzias was an Italian actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and theatre director. He had one child, George Llewellyn Brady.

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Giovanni Giorgi

Giovanni Giorgi (November 27, 1871 Lucca-August 19, 1950 Castiglioncello) was an Italian physicist, electrical engineer and engineer.

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Antonio Mancini

Antonio Mancini (November 14, 1852 Albano Laziale-December 28, 1930 Rome) was an Italian personality.

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Ridolfo Ghirlandaio

Ridolfo Ghirlandaio (February 14, 1483 Florence-June 6, 1561 Florence) also known as Ghirlandaio, Ridolfo was an Italian personality.

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Virna Lisi

Virna Lisi (November 8, 1936 Ancona-December 17, 2014) also known as Virna Lisa Pieralisi, Virna Pieralisi or Lisi was an Italian actor. Her child is Corrado Pesci.

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Fernando Previtali

Fernando Previtali (February 16, 1907 Adria-August 1, 1985 Rome) a.k.a. M° F. Previtali was an Italian composer, opera conductor, author and film score composer.

His most recognized albums: La Traviata. Genres: Opera and Ballet.

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Charles DeRudio

Charles DeRudio (August 26, 1832 Belluno-November 1, 1910 Pasadena) was an Italian personality.

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Arturo Castiglioni

Arturo Castiglioni (April 10, 1874 Trieste-January 21, 1953) a.k.a. Dr. Arturo Castiglioni was an Italian historian and physician.

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Sergio Bonelli

Sergio Bonelli (December 2, 1932 Milan-September 26, 2011) was an Italian cartoonist.

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Felice Borel

Felice Borel (April 5, 1914 Nizza Monferrato-January 21, 1993 Turin) was an Italian personality.

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Marina Berti

Marina Berti (September 29, 1924 London-October 29, 2002 Rome) a.k.a. Elena Maureen Bertolini, Maurin Melrose, Maureen Melrose or Maurin Melrose - Marina Berti was an Italian actor. Her children are called Carlo Giordana, Andrea Giordana, Marina Giordana, Luca Giordana and Cristina Giordana.

She died caused by cancer.

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