Italian music stars died in Pancreatic cancer

Here are 3 famous musicians from Italy died in Pancreatic cancer:

Marcello Mastroianni

Marcello Mastroianni (September 28, 1924 Fontana Liri-December 19, 1996 Paris) also known as Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastrojanni, Marcello Mastrojanni, Snaporaz or Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni was an Italian actor and film producer. He had two children, Chiara Mastroianni and Barbara Mastroianni.

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Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti (October 12, 1935 Modena-September 6, 2007 Modena) also known as Luciano Paverotti, Pavarotti, Luciano Paveretti, Pavarotti Luciano, Luciano Pavoratti, Pavoratti, Pavarotti, Luciano, Die drei Tenöre, Lucianone, The King of the High C's, Big Luciano, Big P or Luciano Pavarotti Venturi was an Italian opera singer and actor. He had five children, Cristina Pavarotti, Alice Pavarotti, Giuliana Pavarotti, Lorenza Pavarotti and Riccardo Pavarotti.

His albums: O sole mio: Favorite Neapolitan Songs (arr. Gian Carlo Chiaramello), Les Triomphes de Pavarotti, A Night at the Opera, A Portrait of Pavarotti, Anniversary, Arias, Ein Opernabend mit Luciano Pavarotti Live, I grandi successi di Pavarotti, Live Recordings 1961 - 1967 and Pavarotti in Hyde Park. Genres he performed include Opera.

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Vince Edwards

Vince Edwards (July 9, 1928 Brooklyn-March 11, 1996 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Vincent Edward Zoino, Vincent Edwards or Vincent Edward Zoine was an Italian singer, actor and television director.

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