Jamaican music stars born in 1952

Here are 7 famous musicians from Jamaica were born in 1952:

Oku Onuora

Oku Onuora (March 1, 1952 Kingston-) also known as Orlando Wong is a Jamaican writer.

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Mutabaruka (December 26, 1952 Kingston-) also known as Allan Hope is a Jamaican , .

His most important albums: Dis Poem '99, The Ultimate Collection, The Mystery Unfolds, Outcry, Melanin Man, Life Squared, Check It!, Blakk Wi Blak...K...K..., Any Which Way... Freedom and Hard Times / Love Theme in Dub.

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Don Carlos

Don Carlos (June 29, 1952 Kingston-) also known as Carlos, Don or Don McCarlos is a Jamaican , .

His albums: Day to Day Living, Harvest Time, Time Is the Master, Plantation, 7 Days a Week, Dub Version, RAS Portraits, Deeply Concerned, Just a Passing Glance and Lazer Beam. Genres he performed: Reggae.

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Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell (July 12, 1952 Clarendon Parish-) also known as Liz Mitchel, Mitchell, Liz or Elizabeth Rebecca Mitchell is a Jamaican singer.

Her albums: Liz Mitchell. Genres: Dance-pop, Soul music and Dance music.

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Lorna Bennett

Lorna Bennett (June 7, 1952 Jamaica-) is a Jamaican , .

Her most well known albums: This Is Lorna Bennett. Genres she performed: Reggae.

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Sly Dunbar

Sly Dunbar (May 10, 1952 Kingston-) also known as Lowell Fillmore Dunbar or Lowell \"Sly\" Dunbar is a Jamaican musician and drummer.

His most well known albums: Sly, Wicked and Slick and Black Ash Dub. Genres he performed: Reggae.

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Carl Malcolm

Carl Malcolm (July 1, 1952 Black River-) otherwise known as Malcolm, Carl is a Jamaican singer.

Genres he performed: Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady.

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