Japanese movie stars born in 1935

Here are 9 famous actors from Japan were born in 1935:

Shinji Nakae

Shinji Nakae (April 20, 1935 Koto, Tokyo-June 28, 2007 Koganei) otherwise known as Yoshitaka Satō was a Japanese voice actor, actor and narrator.

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Shūsei Nakamura

Shūsei Nakamura (March 9, 1935 Tokyo Prefecture-November 27, 2014) also known as Shuusei Nakamura, Hideo Nakamura, Shunsuke Hongô, Nakamura Hideo or Shûsei Nakamura was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Eken Mine

Eken Mine (February 15, 1935 Nagasaki Prefecture-February 6, 2002) also known as Mine Eken was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Seiji Ozawa

Seiji Ozawa (September 1, 1935 Shenyang-) is a Japanese conductor, music director and actor. He has two children, Yukiyoshi Ozawa and Seira Ozawa.

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Akihiro Miwa

Akihiro Miwa (May 15, 1935 Nagasaki-) otherwise known as Akihiro Maruyama, Akihiko Maruyama, Maruyama Akihiro or Miwa Akihiro is a Japanese drag queen, actor, singer, author, theatre director, composer, voice actor, singer-songwriter and tarento.

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Kei Suma

Kei Suma (September 4, 1935 Hokkaido-December 7, 2013 Tokyo) also known as Suma kei, すまけい or 須磨 啓 was a Japanese actor.

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Kōji Takahashi

Kōji Takahashi (June 10, 1935 Tokamachi-) a.k.a. Koji Takahashi, Kouji Takahashi, Koujiro Takahashi or Takahashi Koji is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Mikio Narita

Mikio Narita (January 31, 1935 Sakata-April 9, 1990 Tokyo) also known as Narita Mikio was a Japanese actor.

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Yukio Ninagawa

Yukio Ninagawa (October 15, 1935 Kawaguchi-) also known as Ninagawa Yukio is a Japanese film director, theatre director and actor. He has one child, Mika Ninagawa.

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