Japanese movie stars born in 1947

Here are 16 famous actors from Japan were born in 1947:

Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano (January 18, 1947 Adachi-) also known as Beat Takeshi, Bito Takeshi, 'Bîto' Takeshi, Bîto Takeshi, 'Beat' Takeshi, Takeshi, Take-chan, Kitano Takeshi or TakaC is a Japanese film producer, film director, actor, screenwriter, film editor, author, presenter, comedian, singer, poet and painter. He has two children, Atsushi Kitano and Shoko Kitano.

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Akira Fuse

Akira Fuse (December 18, 1947 Mitaka-) a.k.a. 布施明, Fuse Akira or Fuse, Akira is a Japanese singer and actor. He has one child, Maximillian Fuse.

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Hiroshi Aramata

Hiroshi Aramata (July 12, 1947 Tokyo-) also known as Aramata Hiroshi is a Japanese writer, actor and translator.

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Toshiyuki Nishida

Toshiyuki Nishida (November 4, 1947 Fukushima-) also known as Nishida Toshiyuki is a Japanese actor and singer.

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Ittoku Kishibe

Ittoku Kishibe (January 9, 1947 Kyoto-) otherwise known as Osami Kishibe or Kishibe Ittoku is a Japanese actor, musician and bassist. He has one child, Daisuke Kishibe.

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Daisuke Ban

Daisuke Ban (May 5, 1947 Kawaguchi-) also known as Kiyonori Saito or Naoya Ban is a Japanese actor.

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Hiroshi Miyauchi

Hiroshi Miyauchi (June 14, 1947 Tokyo-) also known as Miyauchi Hiroshi is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer.

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Junji Takada

Junji Takada (January 21, 1947 Chofu-) also known as Jun chan or Uncle Jun is a Japanese voice actor, actor and comedian.

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Teruhiko Saigō

Teruhiko Saigō (February 5, 1947 Kagoshima District, Kagoshima-) also known as いまがわ せいき, Saigō Teruhiko, さいごう てるひこ, Seiki Imagawa, 今川 盛揮, Imagawa Seiki, 西郷 輝彦, 我修院建吾, 銀川晶子, 五代けん, Teruhiko Saigo or Saigo, Teruhiko is a Japanese singer and actor. His children are called Noritaka Henmi and Emiri Henmi.

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Kazuhiko Kato

Kazuhiko Kato (March 21, 1947 Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-October 16, 2009 Karuizawa) otherwise known as Kazuhiko Katoh, Tonovan or Kato Kazuhiko was a Japanese actor, composer and musician.

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Rikiya Yasuoka

Rikiya Yasuoka (July 19, 1947 Minato-April 8, 2012 Tokyo) also known as Rikiya or Yasuoka Rikiya was a Japanese actor and singer.

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Akira Terao

Akira Terao (May 18, 1947 Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-) also known as hoppe or Terao Akira is a Japanese musician, actor and singer.

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Jinpachi Nezu

Jinpachi Nezu (December 1, 1947 Tsuru-) also known as Nezu Jinpachi, Nezu Toru or Toru Nezu is a Japanese actor, theatre director and screenwriter.

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Takashi Taniguchi

Takashi Taniguchi (July 5, 1947 Hokkaido-December 27, 2012 Japan) also known as 谷口節 or Taniguchi Takashi was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Kenpachiro Satsuma

Kenpachiro Satsuma (May 27, 1947 Izumi-) otherwise known as Kengo Nakayama or Kenpachirô Satsuma is a Japanese actor.

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Killer Khan

Killer Khan (March 6, 1947 Tsubame-) also known as Masashi Ozawa or Temjin El Mongol is a Japanese actor and wrestler. His children are called Yoshiko Ozawa, David Masato Ozawa and Yukie Ozawa.

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