Japanese movie stars born in 1949

Here are 17 famous actors from Japan were born in 1949:

Masato Harada

Masato Harada (July 3, 1949 Numazu-) otherwise known as Harada Masato, 原田眞人 or 原田真人 is a Japanese film director, critic, screenwriter and actor. He has two children, Eugene Harada and Maho Harada.

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Shūichi Ikeda

Shūichi Ikeda (December 2, 1949 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Ikeda Shūichi, Shuuichi Ikeda, Syuuichi Ikeda or Shuichi Ikeda is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Yusaku Matsuda

Yusaku Matsuda (September 21, 1949 Shimonoseki-November 6, 1989 Tokyo) a.k.a. Yuusaku Matsuda, 金優作, Matsuda Yusaku or Yûsaku Matsuda was a Japanese actor. He had two children, Shota Matsuda and Ryuhei Matsuda.

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Masachika Ichimura

Masachika Ichimura (January 28, 1949 Kawagoe-) a.k.a. Ichimura Masachika is a Japanese actor, singer and voice actor.

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Takurō Kitagawa

Takurō Kitagawa (December 12, 1949 Tokyo-) also known as Takuro Kitagawa, Takurou Kitagawa or Masamichi Kusunoki is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Yoshito Yasuhara

Yoshito Yasuhara (November 17, 1949 Aioi-) also known as Yasuhara Yoshito is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Aruno Tahara

Aruno Tahara (March 23, 1949 Shibuya-) also known as 田原 アルノ, Tahara Aruno, Tomomitsu Ishida, 石田 知充 or Ishida Tomomitsu is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Shiro Kishibe

Shiro Kishibe (June 7, 1949 Kyoto-) also known as Kishibe Shiro is a Japanese actor and musician.

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Yuu Shimaka

Yuu Shimaka (May 6, 1949 Nagano Prefecture-) also known as Yu Shimaka, Shimaka Yū, 島香 裕, Yutaka Shimaka or Yutaka Shimata is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Masatō Ibu

Masatō Ibu (March 28, 1949 Nakano, Tokyo-) also known as Masatô Ibu, Masato Ibu, Masato Eve, Ibu Masatō, Murota Satoru, Ibu Masayuki, Satoru Murota, Masayuki Ibu, Masayuki Eve or Masatou Ibu is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Guts Ishimatsu

Guts Ishimatsu (June 5, 1949 Awano-) otherwise known as Gattsu Ishimatsu, Guts Suzuki, Yuji Suzuki, Suzuki Yuji, Suzuki Ishimatsu or Ishimatsu Suzuki is a Japanese professional boxer and actor. He has one child, Yuki Suzuki.

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Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Yoshiaki Fujiwara (April 27, 1949 Iwate Prefecture-) is a Japanese actor.

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Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa (March 10, 1949 Saitama Prefecture-) a.k.a. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Matsuhisa Nobuyuki, Nobuyuki 'Nobu' Matsuhisa or Chef Nobu is a Japanese chef, actor and restaurateur. His child is called Junko Matsuhisa.

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Kensaku Morita

Kensaku Morita (December 16, 1949 Ōta, Tokyo-) also known as Morita Kensaku, Eiji Suzuki or Suzuki Eiji is a Japanese politician, actor and singer.

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Tetsuya Takeda

Tetsuya Takeda (April 11, 1949 Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-) a.k.a. Takeda Tetsuya, So Katayama or Katayama So is a Japanese actor, screenwriter, singer, film director and composer.

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Morio Kazama

Morio Kazama (April 26, 1949 Setagaya-) a.k.a. Tomohito Sumita, Sumita Tomohito or Kazama Morio is a Japanese actor and pornographic film actor.

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Shigeru Matsuzaki

Shigeru Matsuzaki (November 19, 1949 Tokyo-) also known as Shigeru Matsuzaki or Matsuzaki, Shigeru is a Japanese actor and singer.

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