Japanese movie stars born in 1980

Here are 14 famous actors from Japan were born in 1980:

Satoshi Tsumabuki

Satoshi Tsumabuki (December 13, 1980 Yanagawa-) a.k.a. Tsumabuki Satoshi is a Japanese singer, actor and bassist.

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Hiroshi Tamaki

Hiroshi Tamaki (January 14, 1980 Nagoya-) also known as Tamaki Hiroshi or 玉木 宏 is a Japanese actor, model and singer.

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Tetsuji Tamayama

Tetsuji Tamayama (April 7, 1980 Joyo-) otherwise known as Tamayama Tetsuji is a Japanese actor.

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Tomohisa Yuge

Tomohisa Yuge (May 25, 1980 Tokyo-) also known as Yuge Tomohisa is a Japanese actor.

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Ken Mizorogi

Ken Mizorogi (September 16, 1980 Yamanashi Prefecture-) is a Japanese actor.

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Junichi Okada

Junichi Okada (November 18, 1980 Hirakata-) otherwise known as Okada Jun'ichi, Jun'ichi Okada, Okada Junichi, Dekopaa or Okatchi is a Japanese singer, actor, voice actor and tarento.

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Yūsuke Tomoi

Yūsuke Tomoi (April 2, 1980 Osaka Prefecture-) a.k.a. Yûsuke Makiyama is a Japanese actor.

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Masaya Kikawada

Masaya Kikawada (June 1, 1980 Niiza-) is a Japanese actor.

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Dean Fujioka

Dean Fujioka (August 19, 1980 Fukushima Prefecture-) also known as 藤岡竜雄, Fujioka Tatsuo, Téng Gāng Diàn, Tatsuo Dean Fujioka or Tatsuo Fujioka is a Japanese model, actor, radio personality, artist, visual artist, musician and music artist.

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Satoshi Ohno

Satoshi Ohno (November 26, 1980 Mitaka-) also known as Ohno Satoshi, Leader, Satoshi Ono or Ono Satoshi is a Japanese singer, composer, actor, presenter, choreographer, dancer, artist, radio personality, musician and visual artist.

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Takanori Hoshino

Takanori Hoshino (May 8, 1980 Mooka-) a.k.a. Hoshino Takanori is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Yasuhiro Yoshiura (April 3, 1980 Sapporo-) is a Japanese film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

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Munetaka Aoki

Munetaka Aoki (March 14, 1980 Yao-) also known as Aoki Munetaka is a Japanese actor.

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Gaku Shindo

Gaku Shindo (January 7, 1980 Tokyo-) also known as Shindo Gaku or Hironobu Ninagawa is a Japanese actor.

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