Japanese movie stars died at 75

Here are 10 famous actors from Japan died at 75:

Tetsuji Takechi

Tetsuji Takechi (December 10, 1912 Osaka-July 26, 1988) was a Japanese film director, actor, author, writer and theatre director.

He died as a result of pancreatic cancer.

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Kenji Utsumi

Kenji Utsumi (August 26, 1937 Kitakyushu-June 13, 2013 Shinjuku) also known as Utsumi Kenji, Takaji Uchimi or 内海 賢二 was a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator. He had one child, Kentaro Utsumi.

He died as a result of peritonitis.

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Yoshi Katō

Yoshi Katō (January 12, 1913 Tokyo Prefecture-March 1, 1988) also known as Katô Yoshi, Tadashi Kato, Yoshi Katô, Kato Tadashi, Yoshi Katō or Yoshi Kato was a Japanese actor. He had one child, Chiyo Kato.

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Takeshi Aono

Takeshi Aono (June 19, 1936 Asahikawa-April 9, 2012 Hachioji) also known as Aono Takeshi or Takesi Aono was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

He died in cerebral infarction.

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Eiji Okada

Eiji Okada (June 13, 1920 Choshi-September 14, 1995 Tokyo) a.k.a. Okada Eiji was a Japanese actor.

He died caused by heart failure.

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Kaku Takashina

Kaku Takashina (February 22, 1919 Iioka-March 11, 1994 Ōta, Tokyo) otherwise known as Naokichi Kôgo, Kôgo Naokichi or Takashina Kaku was a Japanese actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Masaaki Tsukada

Masaaki Tsukada (December 16, 1938 Kawasaki-January 27, 2014 Yokohama) a.k.a. Tsukada Masaaki or Masa'aki Tsukada was a Japanese actor and voice acting in japan.

He died caused by disease.

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Kōichi Kitamura

Kōichi Kitamura (December 18, 1931 Osaka Prefecture-October 2, 2007 Shinjuku) a.k.a. Koichi Kitamura, Kôichi Kitamura, 木村 一, Hajimu Kimura, 北村 弘一, Kimura Hajimu, Kitamura Kōichi or Kouichi Kitamura was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Reizō Nomoto

Reizō Nomoto (September 17, 1930 Tokyo-July 7, 2006) also known as Nomoto Reizo, Reijiro Nomoto, Nomoto Reijiro, Reizou Nomoto or Reijirou Nomoto was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Takeshi Miura

Takeshi Miura (April 2, 1938-December 9, 2013) was a Japanese actor.

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