Japanese movie stars died in 1997

Here are 9 famous actors from Japan died in 1997:

Toshiro Mifune

Toshiro Mifune (April 1, 1920 Qingdao-December 24, 1997 Mitaka) also known as Sanchuan Minlang, The Wolf, Minlang Sanchuan, Toshirô Mifune, Mifune Toshirō or The Shogun was a Japanese actor, film producer, soldier, businessperson and film director. He had three children, Mika Mifune, Shirô Mifune and Takeshi Mifune.

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Juzo Itami

Juzo Itami (May 15, 1933 Ukyō-ku, Kyoto-December 20, 1997 Azabudai, Minato, Tokyo) a.k.a. Itami Juzo, Ikeuchi Yoshihiro, Ichizô Itami, Itami Ichizô, Yoshihiro Ikeuchi, Jûzô Itami, Ichizo Atami, Ichizo Itami or Itami Jūzō was a Japanese film director, actor, screenwriter and film producer. He had two children, Mansaku Ikeuchi and Ikeuchi Mampei.

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Toshiya Fujita

Toshiya Fujita (January 16, 1932 Pyongyang-August 29, 1997 Shinjuku) also known as Fujita Toshiya, Shigeya Fujita, Shigaya Fujita or Shigeo Fujita was a Japanese screenwriter, film director, actor and pornographic film actor.

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Toshiro Mayuzumi

Toshiro Mayuzumi (February 20, 1929 Yokohama-April 10, 1997 Kawasaki) also known as Toshirô Mayuzumi or Mayuzumi Toshiro was a Japanese film score composer, composer and actor. He had one child, Rintaro Mayuzumi.

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Yorozuya Kinnosuke

Yorozuya Kinnosuke (November 20, 1932 Tokyo-March 10, 1997 Kashiwa) also known as Yorozuya Kinnosuke, Kin'nosuke Nakamura, Kinnosuke Yorozuya Nakamura, よろずや きんのすけ, なかむら きんのすけ, 小川 錦一, 萬屋 錦之介, おがわ きんいち, 中村 錦之助, Nakamura Kin'nosuke, Ogawa Kin'ichi, 初代 中村錦之助, Nakamura Kinnosuke, Nakamura Yorozuya, Kinnosuke Nakamura or Kinnosuke Yorozuya was a Japanese actor. He had two children, Kichinosuke Yorozuya and Akihiro Ogawa.

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Ken Mitsuda

Ken Mitsuda (April 29, 1902 Tokyo-November 28, 1997) a.k.a. Kenji Mitsuda was a Japanese actor.

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Shintaro Katsu

Shintaro Katsu (November 29, 1931 Chiba Prefecture-June 21, 1997 Kashiwa) also known as Katsu, Shintarou, Katsu-shin, Toshio Okumura, Katsu Shintarō, Katsutoshi Gatsu, Okumura Toshio, Shintarô Katsu or Katsumaru Kineya was a Japanese film producer, actor, singer, television director, screenwriter, film director and musician. His children are called Ryu Gan and Masami Okumura.

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Kō Nishimura

Kō Nishimura (January 25, 1923 Sapporo-April 15, 1997 Tokyo) a.k.a. Ko Nishimura, Akira Nishimura, Nishimura Kō or 西村 晃 was a Japanese actor.

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David Toguri

David Toguri (October 25, 1933 Vancouver-November 15, 1997 Toronto) was a Japanese actor, theatre director and choreographer.

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