Japanese movie stars died in 2002

Here are 6 famous actors from Japan died in 2002:

Sanji Hase

Sanji Hase (January 2, 1936 Tokyo-March 8, 2002 Toshima) a.k.a. Hirao Hase was a Japanese actor and voice actor. His child is called Arihiro Hase.

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Hideo Murota

Hideo Murota (October 7, 1937 Otaru-June 15, 2002 Shinjuku) also known as Hideo Shimada, The Piranha Gang, むろた ひでお, Murota Hideo, 室田 日出男 or ピラニア軍団 was a Japanese actor.

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Toshihito Ito

Toshihito Ito (February 16, 1962 Niigata-May 24, 2002) also known as Toshihito Itô or Toshihito Itoh was a Japanese actor.

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Eken Mine

Eken Mine (February 15, 1935 Nagasaki Prefecture-February 6, 2002) also known as Mine Eken was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Peter Miles

Peter Miles (April 1, 1938 Tokyo-August 3, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Gerald Perreau, Gerald Perreau-Saissine, Gerald Richard Perreau-Saussine or Richard Miles was a Japanese writer and actor.

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Shinsuke Mikimoto

Shinsuke Mikimoto (May 22, 1931 Kanazawa-August 5, 2002 Setagaya) a.k.a. Mikimoto Shinsuke was a Japanese actor.

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