Japanese movie stars born in 1998

Here are 7 famous actresses from Japan were born in 1998:

Aki Etchu

Aki Etchu (February 12, 1998 Kanagawa Prefecture-) is a Japanese actor.

Meimi Tamura

Meimi Tamura (October 30, 1998 Gunma-) also known as 田村芽実, Tamura Meimi or Meimei is a Japanese singer and actor.

Emi Hiraoka

Emi Hiraoka (November 6, 1998 Tokyo-) is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

Maya Sakura

Maya Sakura (July 26, 1998 Obihiro-) is a Japanese singer and actor.

Mika Dela Cruz

Mika Dela Cruz (December 9, 1998 Tokyo-) also known as Micah Dela Cruz, Mica Dela Cruz, Mariko or Mikaela Nicolette E. Dela Cruz is a Japanese actor.

Mone Kamishiraishi

Mone Kamishiraishi (January 27, 1998 Kagoshima-) is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

Mion Mukaichi

Mion Mukaichi (January 29, 1998 Saitama Prefecture-) also known as Mukaichi Mion is a Japanese actor and singer.

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