Japanese movie stars died at 49

Here are 3 famous actresses from Japan died at 49:

Chieko Honda

Chieko Honda (March 28, 1963 Tokyo-February 18, 2013 Japan) a.k.a. Honda Chieko was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

She died as a result of cancer.

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Anna Nakagawa

Anna Nakagawa (August 30, 1965 Suginami-October 17, 2014) also known as Anna Kuriyama was a Japanese actor.

She died as a result of uterine cancer.

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Yukiko Todoroki

Yukiko Todoroki (September 11, 1917 Azabu, Tokyo-May 11, 1967 Komae) also known as Tsuruko Nishiyama, Nishiyama Tsuruko, Todoroki Yukiko or Toruko was a Japanese actor. She had one child, Masayuki Makino.

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