Japanese actresses died because of Heart failure

Here are 7 famous actresses from Japan died in Heart failure:

Miyuki Kanbe

Miyuki Kanbe (May 7, 1984 Kawasaki-June 18, 2008 Kawasaki) also known as Kanbe, Miyuki was a Japanese model and actor.

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Michiyo Aratama

Michiyo Aratama (January 15, 1930 Nara-March 17, 2001 Tokyo) also known as Kyoko Toda or Aratama Michiyo was a Japanese actor.

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Mitsuko Mori

Mitsuko Mori (May 9, 1920 Kyoto-November 10, 2012 Tokyo) otherwise known as Mitsu Murakami, Mori Mitsuko, Murakami Mitsu, 村上美津 or 森 光子 was a Japanese actor.

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Tura Satana

Tura Satana (July 10, 1938 Hokkaido-February 4, 2011 Reno) also known as Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi or Miss Japan Beautiful was a Japanese actor and exotic dancer. She had one child, Kalani Jurman.

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Michiyo Kogure

Michiyo Kogure (January 31, 1918 Shimonoseki-June 13, 1990) also known as Tsuma Wada, Kogure Michiyo or 木暮実千代 was a Japanese actor.

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Reiko Mutō

Reiko Mutō (March 1, 1935 Tokyo Prefecture-October 29, 2006 Setagaya) also known as Reiko Mutou, 武藤 礼子, 武藤 禮子 or Mutō Reiko was a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Yoshiko Yamaguchi

Yoshiko Yamaguchi (February 12, 1920 Fushun-September 7, 2014 Tokyo) also known as Yoshiko Yomaguchi, Li Xianglan, Xianglan Li, Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Li Hsiang-lan, Ri Kôran, Li Xiang Lan, Hsiang-lan Li, Ōtaka Yoshiko, Shirley Yamaguchi, Ri Koran, The Judy Garland of Japan, 李香兰, Lǐ Xīanglán, Pan Shuhua, Li Hsiang Lan, 李香蘭, Ri Ko Ran, 山口淑子, Li Xiang-Ian, Li Xiang -Ian, Li, Xiang Lan, Yoshiko Otaka, Yoshiko ‘Shirley’ Yamaguchi or Rikoran was a Japanese politician, singer, actor and presenter.

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