Japanese musicians born in 1932

Here are 11 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1932:

Hiroyuki Iwaki

Hiroyuki Iwaki (September 6, 1932 Tokyo-June 13, 2006) was a Japanese conductor and percussionist.

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Rokurō Naya

Rokurō Naya (October 20, 1932 Tokyo-November 17, 2014) also known as Naya Rokurō or Rokurou Naya was a Japanese voice actor, actor and theatre director. He had one child, Ryosuke Naya.

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Genzō Wakayama

Genzō Wakayama (September 27, 1932 Japan-) otherwise known as Genzo Wakayama is a Japanese actor and disc jockey.

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Hiroshi Ōtake

Hiroshi Ōtake (March 14, 1932 Kanagawa Prefecture-) otherwise known as Hiroshi Otake, Hiroshi Ôtake, Hiroshi Ōtake, Ōtake Hiroshi, 大竹 宏 or Hiroshi Ohtake is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Frank Nagai

Frank Nagai (March 18, 1932 Matsuyama, Miyagi-October 27, 2008 Tokyo) otherwise known as Nagai, Frank was a Japanese singer.

Discography: COLEZO! TWIN, , , , , , , , and .

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Isamu Tanonaka

Isamu Tanonaka (July 19, 1932 Tokyo-January 13, 2010 Setagaya) otherwise known as Tanonaka Isamu was a Japanese voice actor.

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Shingo Kanemoto

Shingo Kanemoto (October 12, 1932 Fukuoka Prefecture-February 24, 1991 Japan) also known as Seiki Kanemoto or Kanemoto Shingo was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Yukio Aoshima

Yukio Aoshima (July 17, 1932 Chūō-December 20, 2006 Koto, Tokyo) was a Japanese politician, novelist and film director.

His discography includes: .

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Kei Tani

Kei Tani (February 22, 1932 Ōta, Tokyo-September 11, 2010 Mitaka) also known as Yasuo Watabe, Tani Kei, 谷 啓, 渡部 泰雄, Watabe Yasuo, わたべ やすお, たに けい or Tanikei was a Japanese comedian, actor and musician.

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San'yūtei Enraku V

San'yūtei Enraku V (December 29, 1932 Tokyo City-October 29, 2009 Nakano, Tokyo) a.k.a. Hiromi Yoshikawa, Enraku San-yūtei V, Godaime San-yūtei Enraku or Enraku Sanyûtei was a Japanese comedian and actor.

Related albums: , , , , and .

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安東ウメ子 (November 20, 1932-July 15, 2004) also known as Umeko Ando was a Japanese , .

Her albums include IHUNKE and ウポポ サンケ. Genres: Ainu music.

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