Japanese musicians born in 1939

Here are 8 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1939:

Yuya Uchida

Yuya Uchida (November 17, 1939 Nishinomiya-) also known as Uchida, Yuya, Uchida Yūya or Yûya Uchida is a Japanese actor, singer and voice actor. He has one child, Yayako Uchida.

His discography includes: .

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Masabumi Kikuchi

Masabumi Kikuchi (October 19, 1939 Tokyo-) also known as Kikuchi, Masabumi is a Japanese jazz pianist and pianist.

His albums include Hino–Kikuchi Quintet and Hollow Out. Genres related to him: Jazz.

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Toku Nishio

Toku Nishio (September 12, 1939 Gifu Prefecture-July 19, 2005) also known as Nishio Toku was a Japanese actor and voice actor.

His discography includes: GUNNM (another story).

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Hiroshi Kamayatsu

Hiroshi Kamayatsu (January 12, 1939 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Monsieur Kamayatu, Mushu Kamayatsu, The Spiders, Kamayatsu, Hiroshi, Monsieur Kamayatsu or 釜萢弘 is a Japanese musician.

His discography includes: RTB, THE SPIDER BEAT and Je m'appelle MONSIEUR.

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Gō Wakabayashi

Gō Wakabayashi (September 5, 1939 Nagasaki-) also known as Hisaaki Moritake, Moritake Hisaaki, わかばやし ごう, もりたけ ひさあき, 森武久明, Wakabayashi Gō or 若林 豪 is a Japanese actor. He has one child, Hisaya Wakabayashi.

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Takeshi Terauchi

Takeshi Terauchi (January 17, 1939 Tsuchiura-) a.k.a. Terauchi, Takeshi is a Japanese guitarist.

His discography includes: Let’s Go Eleki-Bushi, Let’s Go Classics, The Birth of Bunnys, , , , , , and . His related genres: Surf music and Instrumental rock.

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Midori Katō

Midori Katō (November 15, 1939 Tokyo Prefecture-) is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Shijaku Katsura II

Shijaku Katsura II (August 13, 1939 Hyōgo Prefecture-April 19, 1999) also known as Tōru Maeda or Katsura Koyone X was a Japanese , .

His albums include , , , , and .

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