Japanese musicians born in 1942

Here are 5 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1942:

Shigeaki Saegusa

Shigeaki Saegusa (July 8, 1942 Nishinomiya-) also known as 三枝 成彰, 三枝 成章, Nariaki Mitsueda or Saegusa Shigeaki is a Japanese composer and film score composer.

His albums: , SUPREME Sound Portrait, , and エルファリア組曲. Genres he performed include 20th-century classical music, Opera and Film score.

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Isao Sasaki

Isao Sasaki (May 16, 1942 Tokyo-) also known as Sasaki Isao or ささき いさお is a Japanese singer, actor, voice actor and film score composer.

His discography includes: Gekiganger 3 OVA single, and . Genres he performed include Rockabilly and Music in Japanese animation.

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Terumasa Hino

Terumasa Hino (October 25, 1942 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Hino, Terumasa or 日野皓正 is a Japanese bandleader and musician.

His discography includes: Kimiko, Spark, La chanson d'Orphée, Hi-Nology, Journey into My Mind, Alone Together, Live!, Hino–Kikuchi Quintet, Double Rainbow and Pyramid. Genres he performed: Avant-garde jazz, Jazz fusion, Hard bop and Jazz.

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Kenichi Ogata

Kenichi Ogata (March 29, 1942 Tagawa District, Fukuoka-) also known as Ogata Kenichi, Ogata Ken'ichi, Ken'ichi Ogata or Kennichi Ogata is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Yōsuke Yamashita

Yōsuke Yamashita (February 26, 1942 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Yamashita, Yosuke or Yosuke Yamashita is a Japanese jazz pianist.

His albums: Asian Games, Dazzling Days, Resonant Memories, , , , , , and . Genres related to him: Jazz.

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