Japanese musicians born in 1948

Here are 34 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1948:

Shigesato Itoi

Shigesato Itoi (November 10, 1948 Maebashi-) also known as 糸井重里, Itoi, Shigesato or いとい しげさと is a Japanese game designer, essayist, voice actor, copywriter, lyricist and actor.

His albums: .

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Banjō Ginga

Banjō Ginga (November 12, 1948 Kofu-) also known as Banjo Ginga, Takashi Tanaka, Ginga Banjo, Banjyou Ginga, Banjou Ginga, Ginga Banjō, Ginga or Tanaka Takashi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Yusaku Yara

Yusaku Yara (March 15, 1948 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Shou Kawabe, Yûsaku Yara, Yara Yūsaku, Tetsu Kurobe, Yuusaku Yara, Susumu Kawabe, Kurobe Tetsu or Kawabe Susumu is a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator.

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Shigeru Izumiya

Shigeru Izumiya (May 11, 1948 Aomori-) a.k.a. Izumiya Shigeru is a Japanese actor, singer, tarento and singer-songwriter.

Discography: 泉谷しげる ベスト盤, , and .

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Ayumi Ishida

Ayumi Ishida (March 26, 1948 Sasebo-) a.k.a. Ishida Ayumi, Ishida Yoshiko or Yoshiko Ishida is a Japanese singer and actor.

Her most well known albums: and .

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Kenji Sawada

Kenji Sawada (June 25, 1948 Iwami District, Tottori-) also known as Sawada Kenji, Sawada, Kenji, Ken Sawada or Julie is a Japanese singer, composer, lyricist, actor and musician.

Discography: TOKIO, , , , , and TRUE BLUE. His related genres: Pop music, Rock music, Glam rock and Adult contemporary music.

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Tesshō Genda

Tesshō Genda (May 20, 1948 Okayama Prefecture-) also known as Tessho Genda, Tesso Genda, Mitsuo Yokoi, Tessyo Genda, Tesshou Genda, Tessyou Genda, Tetsuaki Genda, Tetsusho Genda, Genda Tessho, Tetsusyo Genda, Yokoi Mitsuo, Pirouette Genda, Genda Tesshō or Tesshô Genda is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Hiroaki Serizawa

Hiroaki Serizawa (January 3, 1948-) also known as 芹澤廣明, Serizawa, Hiroaki or 廣明, 芹澤 is a Japanese singer.

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Kazuyuki Sogabe

Kazuyuki Sogabe (April 16, 1948 Chiba Prefecture-January 13, 2006 Chiba Prefecture) also known as Sogabe Kazuyuki was a Japanese voice actor.

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Kōji Totani

Kōji Totani (July 12, 1948 Nagoya-February 6, 2006 Japan) also known as Koji Totani, Totani-chan or Kouji Totani was a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Shigezō Sasaoka

Shigezō Sasaoka (May 5, 1948 Fukushima Prefecture-August 31, 1998) also known as Shigezo Sasaoka, Sadao Sasaoka, Sasaoka Sadao, Sasaoka Shigezō, 笹岡 定雄, 笹岡 繁蔵 or Shigezô Sasaoka was a Japanese voice actor.

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Kazuo Oka

Kazuo Oka (January 15, 1948 Saitama Prefecture-) also known as Oka Kazuo or 岡 和男 is a Japanese voice actor.

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Akira Kushida

Akira Kushida (October 17, 1948 Yokohama-) also known as Kushida, Akira is a Japanese singer.

Related albums: 神魂合体ゴーダンナー!!, and X-or (Uchu keiji gavan).

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Reiko Oshida

Reiko Oshida (September 15, 1948 Kyoto-) also known as Reiko Ooshida, Ohsita Reiko or Reiko Ohshida is a Japanese actor.

Her most recognized albums: , and .

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Ryoko Moriyama

Ryoko Moriyama (January 18, 1948 Tokyo-) also known as Ryoko Moriyama, Moriyama Ryoko or Ryōko Moriyama is a Japanese singer and actor. She has two children, Naotarō Moriyama and Naho Moriyama.

Her albums: My Memories 25th Anniversary, さとうきび畑, さとうきび畑, 幸せの場所, Complete Single Collection, , , , and .

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Masuiyama Daishirō II

Masuiyama Daishirō II (November 16, 1948 Sumida, Tokyo-) also known as Noboru Sawada, 増位山 太志郎, Sawada Noboru, 瑞竜, Suiryu, さわだ のぼる, すいりゅう, ますいやま だいしろう, Daishirō Masuiyama, Masuiyama Shōgo, Noboru Onogawa, 小野川 昇, 三保ヶ関 昇秋, Mihogaseki Noriaki, ますいやま しょうご, Onogawa Noboru, みほがせき のりあき, 増位山 昇吾, おのがわ のぼる, Noriaki Mihogaseki, Shōgo Masuiyama or 澤田昇 is a Japanese sumo wrestler and singer.

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Kiyoshi Maekawa

Kiyoshi Maekawa (August 19, 1948 Kitamatsuura District, Nagasaki-) is a Japanese singer.

Discography: , , , , , , , , and . Genres related to him: Adult contemporary music, Folk music, Enka, Kayōkyoku, Pop music and Rock music.

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Eiko Segawa

Eiko Segawa (July 6, 1948 Shibuya-) is a Japanese singer and actor.

Her discography includes: , , , , , , , , and . Her related genres: Enka.

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J. A. Seazer

J. A. Seazer (October 6, 1948 Miyazaki Prefecture-) a.k.a. J.A. Shîzâ, Julius Arnest Caesar, Terahara Taka'aki, Julious Arnest Seazer, Julious Arnest Cesar, Takaaki Terahara, Ernest Julius Caesar, T. Terahara, Julious Arnest Caesar, J.A. Caesar, J.A. Seazer or J. A. Seazar is a Japanese film score composer.

His albums include Reincarnation Nirvanienne de la Belle-mon Andromede, Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST 1, Revolutionary Girl Utena - Angel Creation, Namely Light, Revolutionary Girl Utena OST 7: Revival Record of the Rose Egg SOFIA, , Farewell to the Ark, , , and .

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Yōsui Inoue

Yōsui Inoue (August 30, 1948 Iizuka-) a.k.a. Inoue, Yosui, Akimi Inoue or Inoue Akimi is a Japanese singer-songwriter, singer, lyricist, record producer, actor, film score composer and guitarist. His child is Sarasa Ifu.

His albums include , Platinum Best Early Times, , Heibon, Blue Selection, Negative, UNITED COVER, white, and ハンサムボーイ. Genres he performed include Folk rock, Adult contemporary music and Rock and roll.

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Masayoshi Kabe

Masayoshi Kabe (November 5, 1948 Yokohama-) also known as Louis, Louis Kabe or Masayoshi "Louis" Kabe is a Japanese bassist and guitarist.

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Mitsuko Uchida

Mitsuko Uchida (December 20, 1948 Atami-) also known as 内田光子, うちだみつこ, うちだ みつこ, 内田 光子, Uchida Mitsuko or Uchida, Mitsuko is a Japanese musician and pianist.

Her albums: Impromptus Op. 90 & Op. 142, Piano Concertos Nos. 22 & 23, Piano Concertos No. 9, K271 / No. 21, K467, 3 Piano Sonatas Klaviersonaten KV309, 310 and 311, Piano Sonatas KV 331 & 332, Piano Sonatas, KV 284 & 570, Rondo KV 485, The Piano Sonatas, Piano Concertos No. 23, K488 / No. 24, K491, The Great Piano Concertos, Volume 2: Nos. 16, 24, 25, 26, 27 and The Great Piano Concertos, Volume 1: Nos. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. Genres she performed: Classical music.

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Harumi Miyako

Harumi Miyako (February 22, 1948 Kyoto-) otherwise known as Miyako, Harumi or 北村春美 is a Japanese singer.

Discography: 古賀メロディ~誕生70周年記念~, スペシャルベスト and .

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Takashi Sasano

Takashi Sasano (June 22, 1948 Ichinomiya, Hyōgo-) also known as Sasano Takashi or one scene actor is a Japanese actor. He has four children, Yuma Sasano, Takato Sasano, Shôta Sasano and Kenta Sasano.

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喜納昌吉 (June 10, 1948 Okinawa Prefecture-) also known as Shoukichi Kina, Shokichi Kina or Kina, Shoukichi is a Japanese , .

His albums: Asia Classics 2: Peppermint Tea House, , , , , and .

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Toshinori Kondo

Toshinori Kondo (December 15, 1948 Imabari-) also known as Toshinory Kondo or Kondo, Toshinori is a Japanese , .

Related albums: Fukyo, Touchstone, Life Space Death (feat. Bill Laswell), Silent Melodies, Brain War (feat. IMA), Nerve Tripper, , Ki-Oku, Charged and Aida's Call.

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Ichirou Mizuki

Ichirou Mizuki (January 7, 1948 Setagaya-) otherwise known as Ichiro Mizuki is a Japanese singer, songwriter, composer, actor, voice actor and lyricist.

His albums include , 神魂合体ゴーダンナー!!, , Golden Rules and . Genres related to him: Music of Japan, J-pop, Contemporary R&B, Rock music, Pop music and Music in Japanese animation.

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Morio Agata

Morio Agata (September 12, 1948 Rumoi-) also known as Morio Yamagata or Agata Morio is a Japanese actor, singer-songwriter, film director, musician and composer.

His albums include Chiku on ban, バンドネオンの豹と靑猫, 20世紀漂流記 あがた森魚ベスト, キットキット!!遠く遠く!! and バンドネオンの豹.

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Hiroshi Itsuki

Hiroshi Itsuki (March 14, 1948 Kyoto Prefecture-) a.k.a. いつき ひろし, Matsuyama Kazuo, Kazuo Matsuyama, Itsuki Hiroshi, 五木 ひろし, 松山 数夫, まつやま かずお, 松山 まさる, 松山 かずお, 三谷 謙, 松園 明 or 一条 英一 is a Japanese singer.

His albums: , , , , , , , , 愛のメリークリスマス and . His related genres: Enka and Pop music.

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Teruzane Utada

Teruzane Utada (July 21, 1948 Tokuji-) a.k.a. Utada Teruzane, 宇多田照實, Utada Skingg Teruzane, Utada Sking Teruzane, Skingg or Utada, Teruzane is a Japanese record producer. He has one child, Hikaru Utada.

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Aki Takase

Aki Takase (January 26, 1948 Osaka-) also known as Aki Takase Septet, The is a Japanese musician, composer and jazz pianist.

Her albums include Oriental Express, Art of the Duo: Gunther Klatt & Aki Takase play Ballads of Duke Ellington, YOKOHAMA, , Looking for Love, Clapping Music, Aki Takase Plays "Fats" Waller, Blue Monk, and A Week Went By. Genres she performed: Jazz.

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Tanimura Shinji

Tanimura Shinji (December 11, 1948 Japan-) a.k.a. Shinji Tanimura or Tanimura, Shinji is a Japanese songwriter and singer.

His albums include , and . Genres he performed include Kayōkyoku.

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Saori Yuki

Saori Yuki (November 13, 1948 Kiryu-) also known as Yuki Saori, Akiko Yasuda, Yasuda Akiko or Yuki, Saori is a Japanese singer and actor.

Discography: 1969, and VOICE. Genres related to her: Jazz, Chanson and Pop music.

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Eiichi Ohtaki

Eiichi Ohtaki (July 28, 1948 Esashi District, Iwate-December 30, 2013 Tokyo) also known as Ohtaki, Eiichi, CHELSEA, Eiichi Ōtaki, 大瀧詠一, Eiichi Otaki, Otaki, Eiichi or 大瀧榮一 was a Japanese record producer.

His discography includes: A LONG VACATION, Niagara TRIANGLE VOL.1, NIAGARA TRIANGLE, Vol. 2, Niagara Moon and . Genres: Folk rock and Rock music.

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