Japanese musicians born in 1972

Here are 50 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1972:

Yasunori Mitsuda

Yasunori Mitsuda (January 21, 1972 Tokuyama, Yamaguchi-) also known as 光田康典, Mitsuda Yasunori, Yasanori Mitsuda or Mitsuda, Yasunori is a Japanese composer and musician.

His albums: Xenogears Original Soundtrack, Xenosaga Original Soundtrack, Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack, Soma Bringer Original Soundtrack, Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack, Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time, an cinniùint, ARMODYNE, Chrono Trigger: Original Sound Version and Kirite. Genres he performed include Jazz, Celtic music, Chiptune, Music of Asia, Electronic music, Video game music, World music, Classical music, Vocal music, Orchestra and Acid jazz.

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Sōichirō Hoshi

Sōichirō Hoshi (May 30, 1972 Aizuwakamatsu-) a.k.a. Hoshi Souchirou, Sōichirō Hoshi, Takeshi Aiba, Souichiro Hoshi, Hoshi Souichiro, Hoshi Souichirou, Hoshi, Souichirou, Sôichirô Hoshi or Soichiro Hoshi is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

His albums include ONEWAY RADIO, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Suit CD, Volume 1: Strike × Kira Yamato, Shining Tears, , 最遊記RELOAD GUNLOCK SON GOKU’S SONG COLLECTION, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Original Soundtrack 04, Starting again, Heartful Station, and .

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Yūko Miyamura

Yūko Miyamura (December 4, 1972 Kobe-) a.k.a. Miyamura Yuko, Miyamura Yuuko, Miyamura, Yuuko, Yuuko Miyamura, Miyamû or Yūko Seki is a Japanese singer, voice actor, sound director and actor.

Her most important albums: Mother, ほぼシングルベスト, ケンカ番長, くるみパン, スペースケンカ番長, , , 根性戦隊ガッツマン, 産休(Thank You) and 魂.

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Junichi Suwabe

Junichi Suwabe (March 29, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Suwabe Junichi, Jyunichi Suwabe, Suwabe Jun'ichi, Jun'ich Suwabe, Suwabe Jyunichi or Suwabe, Jun'ichi is a Japanese actor, singer and voice actor.

His albums include Fate/stay night キャラクターイメージソングVIII: アーチャー, , , BLEACH BEAT COLLECTION 3rd SESSION:02 -GRIMMJOW JEAGERJAQUES- and Joker Trap.

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Yukiko Iwai

Yukiko Iwai (January 13, 1972 Chiba Prefecture-) also known as Iwai Yukiko is a Japanese voice actor, actor and teacher.

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Ryōka Shima

Ryōka Shima (April 29, 1972 Saitama Prefecture-) a.k.a. Ryoka Shima, Ryouka Shima, 島 涼香, Shima Ryōka, 島涼香 or Shima Ryouka is a Japanese voice actor.

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Junko Takeuchi

Junko Takeuchi (April 5, 1972 Saitama Prefecture-) also known as Takeuchi Junko or Takeuchi, Junko is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Kaoru Fujino

Kaoru Fujino (May 21, 1972 Kochi-) is a Japanese , .

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Tetsu Shiratori

Tetsu Shiratori (March 21, 1972 Tokyo-) is a Japanese voice actor, actor and film director.

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Hikari Ishida

Hikari Ishida (May 25, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Ishida Hikari, Kurube Hikari or Hikari Kurube is a Japanese singer and actor.

Her discography includes: LaMination, Natural Choice, , , , , , , and White Virgin.

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Ken Hirai

Ken Hirai (January 17, 1972 Higashi-osaka-) a.k.a. 平井堅, Hirai Ken, Hirai, Ken or ひらい けん is a Japanese singer, record producer and songwriter.

His albums: The Changing Same, gaining through losing, Ken's Bar, SENTIMENTALovers, Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05 “歌バカ”, Kh re-mixed up 1, LOVE OR LUST, Kiss of Life, LIFE is...〜another story〜 and Love Love Love. Genres related to him: Rhythm and blues, J-pop, Pop music, Jazz, Soul music and Contemporary R&B.

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Megumi Odaka

Megumi Odaka (May 9, 1972 Yokohama-) is a Japanese singer, actor and voice acting in japan.

Her albums: Powder Snow, Milky Cotton, Odaka Megumi Best and .

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Michihiro Kuroda

Michihiro Kuroda (June 6, 1972-) also known as 黒田倫弘, Kuroda Michihiro, 倫, Rin or Kuroda, Michihiro is a Japanese , .

His most important albums: Future In Blue, Barefoot, Look Up Days, NELL FLAP, SEED, Save Our Soul, in depth, mov'on 01, mov'on 11 LIVE FANTOM101104 YAON2004 and mov'on 13 LIVE FANTOM TOUR IN DEPTH FINAL SPECIAL 101005. Genres he performed: Rock music, Techno and J-pop.

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Shiho Kikuchi

Shiho Kikuchi (May 6, 1972 Kanagawa Prefecture-) a.k.a. 菊池志穂, 菊池 志穂, Kikuchi Shiho, きくちしほ, きくち しほ or Kikuchi, Shiho is a Japanese voice actor.

Discography: My Sweet Days and .

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Hikaru Nishida

Hikaru Nishida (August 16, 1972 Japan-) also known as Hick, Hikaru Ebi or Nishida Hikaru is a Japanese writer, singer, actor and essayist.

Her albums: , 19 Dreams, , , , , , , and . Genres she performed include J-pop.

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Tomoe Hanba

Tomoe Hanba (June 9, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Hanba Tomoe, Hamba Tomoe or Hanba, Tomoe is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums: Sister Princess ~Nijūnin No Tenshitachi~.

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Naoki Yanagi

Naoki Yanagi (November 1, 1972 Tokyo-) otherwise known as 矢薙 直樹, Yanagi Naoki, Tomoki Yanagi, 柳 知樹 or Yanagi Tomoki is a Japanese voice actor and entrepreneur.

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Takako Fuji

Takako Fuji (July 27, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Fuji Takako or 藤 貴子 is a Japanese actor, voice actor and ballet dancer.

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Aya Ishizu

Aya Ishizu (February 22, 1972 Tokyo-) is a Japanese voice actor.

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Mami Kosuge

Mami Kosuge (October 20, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Kosuge Mami is a Japanese voice actor.

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Takako Honda

Takako Honda (August 14, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Honda Takako is a Japanese voice actor.

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Toshinori Yonekura

Toshinori Yonekura (October 21, 1972 Toyonaka-) is a Japanese singer, actor, composer, songwriter and record producer.

His albums: Roots of Style, Sang My Thang, Sensitive Sources, , flava and with you. Genres: Rhythm and blues and Pop music.

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Sayaka Aoki

Sayaka Aoki (October 19, 1972 Akita Prefecture-) a.k.a. Aoki Sayaka, Aoki Shizuka, Shizuka Aoki or Aoki, Sayaka is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums include Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, SOS-dan Radio Shibu Digest 06, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Character Song, Volume 6: Kyon's Sister and .

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Naohito Fujiki

Naohito Fujiki (July 19, 1972 Kurashiki-) also known as Fujiki Naohito or Nao is a Japanese singer and actor.

His albums include Wonderful Days, WARP, So Long... / 涙のいろ, 天使ノ虹, 03, Flower, 夏歌ウ者ハ冬泣ク, シュクメイ, COLORMAN and HEY! FRIENDS. His related genres: Music of Japan and J-pop.

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Takayuki Sakazume

Takayuki Sakazume (September 3, 1972 Chiba Prefecture-) a.k.a. さかづめ たかゆき, Sakazume Takayuki or 坂詰 貴之 is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Jin Domon

Jin Domon (June 22, 1972 Yamagata-) is a Japanese voice actor.

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Moomin (July 13, 1972-) also known as MOOMIN is a Japanese singer.

His discography includes: PASSING THROUGH, Straight Ahead and THE BEST OF MOOMIN. His related genres: Reggae.

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Ai Uchikawa

Ai Uchikawa (February 27, 1972 Saitama-) otherwise known as 内川 藍維 or Yuka Uchikawa is a Japanese voice actor.

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Gori (May 22, 1972 Naha-) a.k.a. Gorie Matsuura, Matsuura Gorie, Garage Sale, Toshiyuki Teruya or Teruya Toshiyuki is a Japanese film director, musician, comedian, actor and voice actor.

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Kirito (February 24, 1972 Sapporo-) also known as Shinya Murata or KIRITO is a Japanese singer.

His albums include DOOR, HAMELN, TEAR, [DECIDE], PERIOD, Cherry trees, Negative and 拍動. Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Hiroshi Tsuchida

Hiroshi Tsuchida (February 8, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Tsuchida Hiroshi is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Takuya Kimura

Takuya Kimura (November 13, 1972 Tokyo-) also known as Kimura Takuya, 키무라 타쿠야 or Kimutaku is a Japanese actor and singer. He has two children, Kokomi Kimura and Mitsuki Kimura.

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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KCO (August 18, 1972 Usuki-) also known as Komuro Keiko, Keiko Komuro, Yamada Keiko, Keiko Yamada, KEIKO, K-C-O or kco is a Japanese singer, singer-songwriter and lyricist.

Her albums include KCO, O-Crazy Luv, a song is born and The Rorschach Test. Genres related to her: J-pop, Trance music and Pop music.

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Yuki (February 17, 1972 Hakodate-) a.k.a. Kuramochi Yuki, くらもち ゆき, 倉持 有希, Yuki Isoya, ユキ, 磯谷 有希, いそや ゆき, Isoya Yuki, Yuki Kuramochi or Yuki is a Japanese singer, keytarist, songwriter, lyricist and voice actor.

Discography: 66db, JOY, the end of shite, ふがいないや, , , , , メランコリニスタ and five-star. Genres she performed: J-pop and Pop music.

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UA (March 11, 1972 Suita-) a.k.a. ウーア, うーあ, 嶋歌織, 村上歌織, Kaori Murakami, Murakami Kaori, Shima Kaori, Kaori Shima, むらかみ かおり, しま かおり, 長谷川歌織, はせがわ かおり, Kaori Hasegawa or Hasegawa Kaori is a Japanese singer, actor and songwriter.

Related albums: Nephews, , , 悲しみジョニー, 歪んだ太陽, 甘い運命, 黄金の緑 / Love scene, Golden green, Breathe and la. Her related genres: Jazz, Alternative rock, Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Reggae, Electronica and Folk music.

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Hiromi Nishikawa

Hiromi Nishikawa (December 29, 1972 Tokyo-) a.k.a. 西川 宏美 or Nishikawa Hiromi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Hideki Naganuma

Hideki Naganuma (May 16, 1972 Hokkaido-) also known as 長沼英樹 or Naganuma, Hideki is a Japanese composer.

His albums include Ollie King Original Soundtrack, SONIC RUSH Original Groove Rush., Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future: Original Sound Tracks. His related genres: Funk, J-pop, Breakbeat, Electronic music, Big beat, Hip hop music, Electronica, Alternative dance and Trip hop.

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Tetsu Takano

Tetsu Takano (December 12, 1972 Tokyo-) is a Japanese singer and musician.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Gothic rock and Hard rock.

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Hisashi (February 2, 1972 Hirosaki-) also known as 外村尚 or HISASHI is a Japanese musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Music of Japan, J-pop, Rock music, Pop music and Punk rock.

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Yasuko Matsuyuki

Yasuko Matsuyuki (November 28, 1972 Tosu-) is a Japanese singer and actor.

Discography: pray.

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Hideki Sakamoto

Hideki Sakamoto (November 14, 1972-) is a Japanese , .

His albums: 無限回廊 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK and Ryu ga Gotoku & Ryu ga Gotoku 2 Original Sound Track.

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Hiroyuki Takei

Hiroyuki Takei (May 15, 1972 Yomogita-) a.k.a. Takei, Hiroyuki is a Japanese mangaka.

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Marina Ōno

Marina Ōno (April 5, 1972 Hiroshima Prefecture-) also known as Hiromi Katayama, Hiromi Matsumoto, Ōno Marina, Hiromi Asō or Marina Ono is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums: .

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Masami Suzuki

Masami Suzuki (July 14, 1972 Chigasaki-) a.k.a. Suzuki Masami or Suzuki, Masami is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her albums include Chacha ni Omakase.

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Tomokazu Seki

Tomokazu Seki (September 8, 1972 Koto, Tokyo-) a.k.a. Seki Tomokazu is a Japanese voice actor, singer and actor.

His most important albums: Naked Mind, Initial D Vocal Battle Special and .

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Naomi Shindō

Naomi Shindō (November 9, 1972 Kyoto Prefecture-) otherwise known as Shindou, Naomi, Naomi Shindô, Naomi Shindoh, Shindō Naomi or Cindy is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Masakazu Morita

Masakazu Morita (October 21, 1972 Sumida, Tokyo-) a.k.a. Seiichi Morita or Morita Masakazu is a Japanese actor and voice actor.


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Tetsu Inada

Tetsu Inada (July 1, 1972 Hachioji-) a.k.a. Inada Tetsu is a Japanese voice actor.

His albums include .

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Chihiro Yonekura

Chihiro Yonekura (August 19, 1972 Yokohama-) also known as Yonekura Chihiro or Yonekura, Chihiro is a Japanese singer-songwriter and singer.

Her albums include Butterfly Kiss, BEST OF CHIHIROX, , azuré, Cheers, always, 僕のスピードで, Yakusoku no Basho e, and . Genres she performed include J-pop.

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Közi (May 29, 1972 Niigata Prefecture-) a.k.a. Kozi is a Japanese disc jockey and musician.

His albums include MEMENTO, KHAOS/KINEMA, LOKI N' ROLL, , 十六夜の月, Katarushisu and Izayoi no Tsuki. Genres: Ambient music, Gothic rock, Neoclassical Dark Wave, Industrial rock, Synthpop, Progressive rock, Electronic rock and Electronic body music.

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