Japanese musicians born in 1982

Here are 48 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1982:

Mai Kuraki

Mai Kuraki (October 28, 1982 Funabashi-) also known as 倉木麻衣, Mai-K or Kuraki, Mai is a Japanese singer, singer-songwriter, record producer, songwriter and composer.

Discography: Baby I Like, Love, Day After Tomorrow, Stay by my side, Secret of my heart, NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, delicious way, Simply Wonderful, Reach for the Sky, 冷たい海 / Start in my life and Stand Up. Genres she performed include J-pop, Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Contemporary R&B.

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Misato Fukuen

Misato Fukuen (January 10, 1982 Tokyo-) also known as Fukuen Misato, Misato Sakuragi, Sakuragi Misato, MIRI, Misato Hukuen or Fukuen, Misato is a Japanese voice actor, actor and singer.

Discography: .

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Akeno Watanabe

Akeno Watanabe (November 18, 1982 Funabashi-) a.k.a. Watanabe Akeno, Akenon or Watanabe, Akeno is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

Discography: 爆裂天使 SUIT CD '爆' Jo-17.

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Sowelu (November 6, 1982 Tokyo-) also known as 原田 亜希, はらだ あき, Aki Harada or Harada Aki is a Japanese singer.

Her albums include I Will, Last Forever, Sweet Bridge, Get Over, to You, beautiful dreamer, Do You Remember That?, Glisten, Let's Go Faraway and No Limit. Genres she performed: J-pop, Rhythm and blues, Pop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Kenn (March 24, 1982 Tokyo-) also known as Ken'ichirō Ōhashi, Ōhashi Ken'ichirō, Kenichirō Ōhashi or KENN is a Japanese voice actor, actor and singer.

Related albums: .

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Ai Otsuka

Ai Otsuka (September 9, 1982 Osaka-) a.k.a. Otsuka Ai, Ootsuka Ai, Ai Ohtsuka, 大冢爱 or Ai-chin is a Japanese singer, songwriter, composer, actor, singer-songwriter and radio personality.

Her discography includes: , , LOVE PUNCH, , Happy Days, , Daisuki da yo, , LOVE JAM and Kuroge Wagyuu Joshio Tanyaki 680 Yen. Her related genres: J-pop, Pop rock, Pop music, Rock music and Popular music.

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Yumi Shimura

Yumi Shimura (November 30, 1982 Yamanashi Prefecture-) also known as Shimura, Yumi is a Japanese voice acting in japan.

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Akane Omae

Akane Omae (August 21, 1982 Saitama Prefecture-) a.k.a. Ōmae Akane, Akane Ohmae or Omae, Akane is a Japanese voice actor.

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Ami Suzuki

Ami Suzuki (February 9, 1982 Zama-) also known as 鈴木亜美, ami suzuki, すずきあみ, 鈴木あみ, Suzuki, Ami, Suzuki Ami, Ami-Go, あみーゴ or DJ Ami Suzuki is a Japanese singer, model, songwriter, actor, singer-songwriter, disc jockey and dancer.

Her discography includes: Love the island, Alone in my room, All Night Long, White Key, Nothing Without You, Don't leave me behind / Silent Stream, SA, Be Together, Our Days and Don't need to say good bye. Her related genres: J-pop, Eurodance, Electronic dance music, Eurobeat, Dance-pop, Electronica, Trance music, Pop music, Synthpop, Electro house and Electropop.

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Yūna Inamura

Yūna Inamura (July 11, 1982 Kagoshima Prefecture-) otherwise known as Yuuna Inamura or Yûna Inamura is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Yū Kobayashi

Yū Kobayashi (February 5, 1982 Tokyo-) also known as Kobayashi Yu, Kobayashi, Yuu or Yu Kobayashi is a Japanese voice actor, singer and model.

Her albums include , 空のコトバ, FIGHT OR FLIGHT, 1000%SPARKING!, , YOU&YU, ROCK YU!! and Kurayami Shinjū Sōshisōai.

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Yukari Fukui

Yukari Fukui (October 28, 1982 Hiratsuka-) also known as Fukui Yukari or Yukarin is a Japanese actor, voice actor and japanese idol.

Her most important albums: 私が実る木の下で, ねこねこ音頭 and Rain Of Love.

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Melody (February 24, 1982 Honolulu-) is a Japanese singer, presenter and actor. Her children are called Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara and Jewelie Aoi Ishihara.

Her albums include Simple As That / Over The Rainbow, Crystal Love, Sincerely, Believe me, Next to You, realize / Take a Chance, SEE YOU, Be as one, READY TO GO! and 遥花~はるか~. Genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Yuki Koyanagi

Yuki Koyanagi (January 26, 1982 Saitama-) also known as 小柳ゆき, こやなぎゆき, koyanagi yuki, Koyanagi, Yuki or 小柳由紀 is a Japanese singer.

Her discography includes: beautiful world, Koyanagi the Christmas, MY ALL <YUKI KOYANAGI SINGLES 1999-2003>, my all.., KOYANAGI the COVERS PRODUCT 2, Expansion, SUNRISE, Type, The Best Now & Then-10th Anniversary- and FREEDOM. Genres she performed include J-pop.

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Sho Sakurai

Sho Sakurai (January 25, 1982 Minato-) a.k.a. Sakurai Sho, Sakurai Shō, Shō Sakurai, Sho Kun or Keio boy is a Japanese singer, presenter, composer, actor, spokesperson, master of ceremonies, radio personality, rapper, songwriter and newscaster.

Genres: J-pop, Pop music and Hip hop music.

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Hideaki Takizawa

Hideaki Takizawa (March 29, 1982 Hachioji-) also known as Hideaki Takizawa (滝沢秀明), Tackey, Takki, Takizawa Hideaki, Hideaki Sashida, Takky, 滝沢秀明 or Takizawa, Hideaki is a Japanese singer and actor.

Discography: , and .

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Kaori Natori

Kaori Natori (September 3, 1982 Tokyo-) a.k.a. 名取香り, なとり かおり, Natori Kaori, なとりかおり, 名取 香り or Natori, Kaori is a Japanese singer and model.

Her albums include Gentleman, Player, Darling, Goodbye feat. Nao'ymt, Lovespace and perfume. Her related genres: J-pop.

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Noriko Shitaya

Noriko Shitaya (April 22, 1982 Chiba Prefecture-) also known as Shitaya Noriko, Moriko Shitaya or Shitaya, Noriko is a Japanese voice actor, radio personality and guitarist.

Her albums: Kannazuki no Miko drama CD and Fate/stay night キャラクターイメージソングIII:間桐桜.

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Tetsuya Kakihara

Tetsuya Kakihara (December 24, 1982 Düsseldorf-) also known as Kakihara Tetsuya or Kakki is a Japanese singer and voice actor.

His discography includes: , , GENERATIONS, CONTINUOUS, still on Journey, Call Me and String of pain.

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Yoko Kumada

Yoko Kumada (May 13, 1982 Gifu-) a.k.a. Kumada Yoko, くまだ ようこ, 熊田 曜子, くまちゃん, ようこちゃん, Kuma-chan, くまよう, Yoko-chan or Kumayo is a Japanese singer, gravure idol and model.

Her albums: Lady Child.

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Momoko Saitō

Momoko Saitō (June 30, 1982 Takarazuka-) also known as Saitō Momoko, Solty, Touyoko, Momoko (Saitou, Momoko) or 東横桃子(斎藤桃子) is a Japanese voice actor.

Her most important albums: SoltyRei Character & Radio Theme CD ~Solty × Rose~.

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Emi Hinouchi

Emi Hinouchi (September 7, 1982 Osaka-) also known as 日之内絵美 or Hinouchi, Emi is a Japanese singer and songwriter.

Her albums include Dramatiques, Crying, Summer Time Love, ME..., 愛だけが, Voice, and VOICE. Genres: J-pop and Hip hop music.

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Hidenori Tokuyama

Hidenori Tokuyama (January 30, 1982 Suginami-) also known as Tokuyama Hidenori, Hidenori Koyanagi, Koyanagi Hidenori or Tokuyama, Hidenori is a Japanese actor and singer.

His most important albums: puresoul, , , , , , One 17th, , and . Genres he performed include Rock music and J-pop.

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Ayumi Fujimura

Ayumi Fujimura (September 3, 1982 Tokyo-) also known as Fujimura Ayumi or Fujimura, Ayumi is a Japanese voice actor.

Related albums: Asatte no Hōkō, , Passionate squall, , 「絶対可憐チルドレン」キャラクターCD 6th session 梅枝ナオミ starring 藤村 歩 and .

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May (May 6, 1982-) also known as 메이 or メイ is a Japanese singer, songwriter and composer.

Her albums include a Little Happiness, KIZUNA, SURRENDER, Smile, WONDERLAND, Wonderland, オンナゴコロ, サライの風, 木枯らしの純情 and 消えない虹. Genres: Folk rock, Rock music, J-pop, K-pop, Modern rock and Pop music.

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Kumi Koda

Kumi Koda (November 13, 1982 Kyoto-) also known as こうだくみ, 倖田 來未, こうだ くみ, 倖田 来未, Kouda Kumi, Koda Kumi, 神田來未子, Koda, Kumi, Kumiko Koda, Kumiko Kōda or Kuu chan is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actor, voice actor and spokesperson.

Her albums include BUT/愛証, Black Cherry, Candy, cherry girl/運命, 夢のうた/ふたりで..., Kingdom, LAST ANGEL, 愛のうた, 4 hot wave and Koi no Tsubomi. Genres she performed: J-pop, Urban contemporary, Rock music, Music of Japan, Dance music, Contemporary R&B, Pop music, Synthpop, House music, Soul music, Blues, Dubstep, Hi-NRG, Hip hop music, Drum and bass, Techno, Electronic dance music, Breakcore and Electronica.

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Kanata Irei

Kanata Irei (February 3, 1982 Argentina-) is a Japanese singer, actor and model.

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Moeko Matsushita

Moeko Matsushita (December 19, 1982 Kobe-) a.k.a. 松下萌子, Matsushita Moeko, Matsushita Moeco or Matsushita, Moeko is a Japanese singer, actor and musician.

Her albums include 雨あがり.

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Mai Goto

Mai Goto (August 22, 1982 Obihiro-) also known as Gotō Mai or Gotou, Mai is a Japanese voice actor.

Her most important albums: , , , , 11eyes -PERFECT VOCAL ALBUM- and .

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Ayumi Murata

Ayumi Murata (January 12, 1982 Tokyo-) also known as Murata, Ayumi is a Japanese singer.

Her most well known albums: Happiness! original soundtrack, Brilliant Destiny, Summer vacation, , はぴねす!, 青空のファンタジア, TVアニメ『Myself;Yourself』キャラクターソング Vol.2 持田雛子, PolePole! and 村田あゆみ.

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Tomoaki Maeno

Tomoaki Maeno (May 26, 1982 Shimotsuma-) also known as Maeno Tomoaki is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

His albums: Joker Trap.

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Rie Furuse

Rie Furuse (February 7, 1982-) is a Japanese , .

Genres: Funk, Jazz and Pop music.

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Tomoe Omi

Tomoe Omi (October 13, 1982 Saitama Prefecture-) is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her discography includes: , ウタカタ, Happy Days and エガオヲミセテ.

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Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada (November 2, 1982 Kita, Tokyo-) a.k.a. Fukada Kyoko, Kyoko Fukada & THE TWO TONES, Fukada, Kyoko, Kyko Fukada, Fukakyon, Fuka-kyon, Fukada Kyōko or Kyôko Fukada is a Japanese actor and singer.

Her most well known albums: 最後の果実, イージーライダー, Dear…, 煌めきの瞬間, , How?, キミノヒトミニコイシテル, Universe, and Flow ~Kyoko Fukada Remixes~.

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Ryoko Shiraishi

Ryoko Shiraishi (September 7, 1982 Kashiba-) also known as Shiraishi Ryoko, Shiraishi, Ryoko, Ryōko Shiraishi or Shiraishi Ryōko is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her most recognized albums: , , , , , , , , and .

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Masaki Aiba

Masaki Aiba (December 24, 1982 Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-) also known as Aiba Masaki or Aiba, Masaki is a Japanese singer, presenter, composer, actor, radio personality, dancer and tv personality.

Genres he performed: J-pop, Rock music and Pop music.

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Anri Kumaki

Anri Kumaki (January 27, 1982 Chikuma-) also known as Kumaki, Anri is a Japanese singer and songwriter.

Her discography includes: 今は昔, , 無から出た錆, 私をたどる物語, , , , , and...Life and . Genres she performed: J-pop.

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Aisa Senda

Aisa Senda (November 8, 1982 Okinawa Prefecture-) is a Japanese actor, presenter and singer.

Genres: Mandopop.

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Naoki Kawano

Naoki Kawano (February 22, 1982 Mobara-) a.k.a. Kawano Naoki, 川野直輝 or かわの なおき is a Japanese actor and musician.

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Akinori Nakagawa

Akinori Nakagawa (November 5, 1982 Sendai-) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums include Himself, Oasis, Akinori Nakagawa 2001–2005 and Akinori Nakagawa. Genres related to him: Contemporary R&B and Pop music.

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Mayumi Yoshida

Mayumi Yoshida (August 26, 1982 Kanagawa Prefecture-) also known as Yoshida Mayumi, Moriya Misono, Misono Moriya, 吉田 真弓 or 森谷 実園 is a Japanese voice actor.

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Kurara Chibana

Kurara Chibana (March 27, 1982 Naha-) a.k.a. 知花 くらら, ちばな くらら or Chibana Kurara is a Japanese model.

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Yoshimasa Hosoya

Yoshimasa Hosoya (February 10, 1982 Onomichi-) is a Japanese voice actor.

His albums: REASON FOR…, TILL THE END and .

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Mihiro (May 19, 1982 Niigata Prefecture-) also known as Mihiro Taniguchi or Taniguchi Mihiro is a Japanese model, singer, actor and pornographic film actor.

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Miwako Okuda

Miwako Okuda (February 13, 1982 Yonago-) a.k.a. Okuda Miwako, おくだみわこ, おくだ みわこ or 奥田 美和子 is a Japanese singer.

Her albums: tsu-ki, , Futari, Kimi wo omou, Utau riyuu / Habataite tori wa kieru, 君を想う, and BORN.

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Kotomi Yamakawa

Kotomi Yamakawa (March 12, 1982 Hokkaido-) also known as Yamakawa Kotomi, Yamakawa, Kotomi or Kotomi Yamagawa is a Japanese voice actor.

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Madoka Yonezawa

Madoka Yonezawa (August 30, 1982 Osaka Prefecture-) also known as 米澤円 is a Japanese voice actor.

Her discography includes: 「けいおん!!」イメージソング 平沢憂, K-ON! character image song series - Ui Hirasawa, WHITE ALBUM2 Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~ and .

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Mika Kamita

Mika Kamita (June 19, 1982-) is a Japanese singer and songwriter.

Her albums: カミタミカ. Genres she performed: J-pop.

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