Japanese musicians died at 25

Here are 4 famous musicians from Japan died at 25:

Kitamura Tokoku

Kitamura Tokoku (December 29, 1868 Odawara-May 16, 1894 Tokyo) was a Japanese philosopher and writer.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Shigeo Shingo

Shigeo Shingo (April 5, 2015 Saga-April 5, 1990) was a Japanese writer.

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Michio Kuga

Michio Kuga (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1990) was a Japanese personality.

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Masakatsu Morita

Masakatsu Morita (July 25, 1945 Yokkaichi-November 25, 1970 Ichigaya) was a Japanese personality.

He died as a result of seppuku.

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