Japanese musicians died at 26

Here are 3 famous musicians from Japan died at 26:

Takuboku Ishikawa

Takuboku Ishikawa (February 20, 1886 Iwate Prefecture-April 13, 1912 Tokyo) also known as Ishikawa Takuboku was a Japanese writer.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Misuzu Kaneko

Misuzu Kaneko (April 11, 1903 Nagato-March 10, 1930) was a Japanese writer.

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Yutaka Ozaki

Yutaka Ozaki (November 29, 1965 Nerima-April 25, 1992 Bunkyō) also known as 尾崎豊, おざきゆたか, Ozaki Yutaka or Ozaki, Yutaka was a Japanese singer and musician. His child is called Hiroya Ozaki.

Related albums: LAST TEENAGE APPEARANCE —THE MYTH OF YUTAKA OZAKI—, 十七歳の地図 (Seventeen's Map / 17Sai-no Chizu), Tropic of Graduation, Birth, THE DAY 1991.10.30 LIVE AT YOYOGI OLYMPIC POOL Vol.1, Trees Lining a Street, Through the Broken Door, THE DAY 1991.10.30 LIVE AT YOYOGI OLYMPIC POOL Vol.2, Confession for Exist and For All My Loves. His related genres: Music of Japan.

He died caused by pulmonary edema.

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