Japanese musicians died at 50

Here are 10 famous musicians from Japan died at 50:

Takashi Matsumoto

Takashi Matsumoto (January 5, 1906 Tokyo-May 11, 1956) was a Japanese writer and novelist.

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Okakura Kakuzō

Okakura Kakuzō (February 14, 1863 Yokohama-September 2, 1913) also known as Kakuzō Okakura, Kakuzō Okakura or Okakura Kakuzo was a Japanese writer.

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Tamio Kageyama

Tamio Kageyama (March 20, 1947 Kanda, Tokyo-January 26, 1998 Japan) was a Japanese novelist.

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Yasuhito, Prince Chichibu

Yasuhito, Prince Chichibu (June 25, 1902 Tokyo-January 24, 1953 Fujisawa) was a Japanese personality.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Shigezō Sasaoka

Shigezō Sasaoka (May 5, 1948 Fukushima Prefecture-August 31, 1998) also known as Shigezo Sasaoka, Sadao Sasaoka, Sasaoka Sadao, Sasaoka Shigezō, 笹岡 定雄, 笹岡 繁蔵 or Shigezô Sasaoka was a Japanese voice actor.

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Ikki Kajiwara

Ikki Kajiwara (September 4, 1936 Kitakyushu-January 21, 1987) also known as Asaki Takamori, Asao Takamori, Ato Masaki, Kajiwara Ikki, 梶原 一騎, 高森 朝樹, Takamori Asaki, 高森 朝雄 or Takamori Asao was a Japanese writer, mangaka, screenwriter and film producer. His child is called Pai Hsiao-yen.

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Isamu Chō

Isamu Chō (January 19, 1895 Fukuoka Prefecture-June 22, 1945 Okinawa Prefecture) was a Japanese personality.

He died in suicide.

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Kawakami Soroku

Kawakami Soroku (November 11, 1848 Kagoshima-May 11, 1899 Tokyo) also known as Baron Kawakami Soroku was a Japanese personality.

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Ume Kenjirō

Ume Kenjirō (June 24, 1860 Matsue-August 26, 1910 Seoul) was a Japanese politician and lawyer.

He died caused by typhoid fever.

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Matsunosuke Onoe

Matsunosuke Onoe (September 12, 1875 Naka-ku, Okayama-September 11, 1926 Kyoto) also known as Tsunusaburo Onoe, Yukio Koki, Tamijaku Onoe, Medama no Matchan, Tsuruzo Nakamura, Tsurusaburo Onoe or "Eyeballs" Matsu was a Japanese actor.

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