Japanese musicians died at 52

Here are 10 famous musicians from Japan died at 52:

Takitarō Minakami

Takitarō Minakami (December 6, 1887 Tokyo-March 23, 1940 Tokyo) also known as Abe Shōzō was a Japanese writer and novelist.

He died caused by cerebral hemorrhage.

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Ramo Nakajima

Ramo Nakajima (April 3, 1952 Japan-July 26, 2004) was a Japanese novelist.

He died in cerebral hemorrhage.

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Tsugi Takano

Tsugi Takano (August 15, 1890 Hamamatsu-March 19, 1943) was a Japanese writer and novelist.

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Yujiro Ishihara

Yujiro Ishihara (December 28, 1934 Kobe-July 17, 1987 Minato) also known as 石原裕次郎, Ishihara, Yūjirō, Japanese Elvis Presley, Yûjirô Ishihara, Ishihara Yujiro, Ishihara Yūjirō, タフガイ, ボス, ユージロー, 裕ちゃん or Yujiro Ishihara was a Japanese actor, film producer, singer and television producer.

His albums: 全曲集, ブランデーグラス, 大全集~石原裕次郎の世界~, 全曲集, Best Coupling Series ブランデーグラス/恋の町札幌, , , and .

He died caused by liver cancer.

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Ashihei Hino

Ashihei Hino (January 25, 1907 Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyūshū-January 24, 1960) also known as Ashihei Hino or Hino Ashihei was a Japanese novelist.

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Ogata Kōan

Ogata Kōan (August 13, 1810-July 25, 1863) a.k.a. Dr. Koan Ogata was a Japanese physician.

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Tomitarō Horii

Tomitarō Horii (November 7, 1890 Ono-November 23, 1942 New Guinea) was a Japanese personality.

He died caused by drowning.

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Yamakawa Hiroshi

Yamakawa Hiroshi (December 4, 1845 Aizuwakamatsu-March 6, 1898 Tokyo) was a Japanese personality.

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Inoue Kowashi

Inoue Kowashi (February 6, 1843 Kumamoto-March 17, 1895) was a Japanese politician.

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Shiranui Dakuemon

Shiranui Dakuemon (October 1, 1801 Uto-August 20, 1854) also known as 不知火 諾右衛門, Shiranui Nagiemon, Shinji Chikahisa, Daukuemon Noginosato, Chikahisa Shinji, Daukuemon Shiranui, ちかひさ しんじ, 黒雲 龍之介, 濃錦里 諾右衛門, Noginosato Daukuemon, Nagiemon Shiranui, しらぬい なぎえもん, のぎのさと だくえもん or しらぬい だくえもん was a Japanese sumo wrestler.

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