Japanese musicians died at 62

Here are 15 famous musicians from Japan died at 62:

Nogi Maresuke

Nogi Maresuke (December 25, 1849 Edo-September 13, 1912 Tokyo) also known as Count Nogi Maresuke, Maresuke Nogi, General Maresuke Nogi or General Nogi was a Japanese personality.

He died caused by suicide.

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Shinzo Hamai

Shinzo Hamai (May 28, 1905 Mikawa-February 26, 1968) was a Japanese politician.

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Reiko Ohara

Reiko Ohara (November 13, 1946 Bunkyō-August 3, 2009 Setagaya) also known as Reiko Ôhara was a Japanese actor.

Her discography includes: .

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Michio Miyagi

Michio Miyagi (April 7, 1894 Kobe-June 25, 1956 Kariya) also known as 宮城道雄, みやぎみちお, 宮城 道雄, Miyagi Michio, みやぎ みちお or Miyagi, Michio was a Japanese personality.

His albums include Kurokami and .

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Yasuzo Masumura

Yasuzo Masumura (August 25, 1924 Kofu-November 23, 1986 Japan) also known as Masumura Yasuzō or Yasuzô Masumura was a Japanese film director, screenwriter and television director.

He died caused by cerebral hemorrhage.

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Tomisaburo Wakayama

Tomisaburo Wakayama (September 1, 1929 Fukagawa, Tokyo-April 2, 1992 Kyoto) also known as Jyo Kenzaburo, Jo Kenzaburo, Kenzaburo Jô, Jou Kenzaburou, Joh Kenzaburo, Tomisaburô Wakayama, Kenzaburo Jo, Wakayama Tomisaburō, Masaru Okomura or Okomura Masaru was a Japanese actor and film producer. He had one child, Kiichirô Wakayama.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Kōji Tsuruta

Kōji Tsuruta (December 6, 1924 Hamamatsu-June 16, 1987 Japan) also known as Kōji Tsuruta, Tsurata Koji, おの えいいち, Ono Eiichi, 鶴田 浩二, 小野 榮一, Eiichi Ono or Koji Tsuruta was a Japanese actor and singer.

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Maruyama Ōkyo

Maruyama Ōkyo (June 12, 1733 Japan-August 31, 1795) otherwise known as Maruyama Okyo was a Japanese personality.

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Yasuo Yamada

Yasuo Yamada (September 10, 1932 Ōta, Tokyo-March 19, 1995 Ōta, Tokyo) a.k.a. Yamada Yasuo was a Japanese voice actor, actor and presenter. He had one child, Hiroyasu Yamada.

He died caused by intracranial hemorrhage.

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Keiko Fuji

Keiko Fuji (July 5, 1951 Ichinoseki-August 22, 2013 Shinjuku) otherwise known as Fuji Keiko, Junko Abe, Abe Junko, Junko Utada or Utada Junko was a Japanese singer. She had one child, Hikaru Utada.

Discography: . Genres she performed include Enka and Pop music.

She died as a result of suicide.

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Hidehiro Miyashita

Hidehiro Miyashita (December 20, 1913 Japan-August 8, 1976) was a Japanese personality.

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Kunitomo Ikkansai

Kunitomo Ikkansai (November 21, 1778-December 26, 1840) was a Japanese scientist, inventor and gunsmith.

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Tamaki Miura

Tamaki Miura (February 22, 1884 Japan-May 26, 1946) was a Japanese singer.

Her albums: .

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Ogino Ginko

Ogino Ginko (March 3, 1851 Kumagaya-June 23, 1913) otherwise known as Dr. Ogino Ginko was a Japanese physician.

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Tekkan Yosano

Tekkan Yosano (February 26, 1873 Kyoto-March 26, 1935 Tokyo) also known as Hiroshi Yosano was a Japanese writer.

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