Japanese musicians died at 68

Here are 16 famous musicians from Japan died at 68:

Ryutaro Hashimoto

Ryutaro Hashimoto (July 29, 1937 Soja-July 1, 2006 Tokyo) was a Japanese politician. He had one child, Gaku Hashimoto.

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Kiyoshi Atsumi

Kiyoshi Atsumi (March 10, 1928 Taitō-August 4, 1996 Tokyo) also known as Yasuo Tadokoro, Tadokoro Yasuo, Atsumi Kiyoshi or 田所康雄 was a Japanese actor.

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Itō Hirobumi

Itō Hirobumi (October 16, 1841 Yamato-October 26, 1909 Harbin) also known as Ito Hirobumi, Prince Itō Hirobumi, Marquis Itō or Hirobumi Itō was a Japanese politician and samurai.

He died as a result of firearm.

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Eiji Tsuburaya

Eiji Tsuburaya (July 10, 1901 Sukagawa-January 25, 1970 Itō) also known as Tsuburaya, Eiichi Tsumuraya, Eiichi Tsuburaya or Oyaji was a Japanese cinematographer, director of special effects, television producer, businessperson and film director. He had three children, Noboru Tsuburaya, Hajime Tsuburaya and Akira Tsuburaya.

He died in angina pectoris.

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Mitsumasa Yonai

Mitsumasa Yonai (March 2, 1880 Morioka-April 20, 1948) was a Japanese personality.

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Kōbō Abe

Kōbō Abe (March 7, 1924 Kita, Tokyo-January 22, 1993 Tokyo) a.k.a. Kimifusa Abe, Kōbō Abe, Abe Kimifusa or Kobo Abe was a Japanese writer, playwright, screenwriter and photographer.

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Machiko Soga

Machiko Soga (March 18, 1938 Hachioji-May 7, 2006 Kunitachi) otherwise known as Naoko Yukita or Soga Machiko was a Japanese singer and voice actor.

She died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Yamana Sōzen

Yamana Sōzen (July 6, 1404-April 15, 1473 Kyoto) was a Japanese personality.

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Katsuo Okazaki

Katsuo Okazaki (July 10, 1897 Kanagawa Prefecture-October 10, 1965 Tokyo) was a Japanese politician.

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Koji Hashimoto

Koji Hashimoto (January 21, 1936 Japan-January 9, 2005) was a Japanese film director.

He died caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Saburō Kurusu

Saburō Kurusu (March 6, 1886 Yokohama-April 7, 1954) was a Japanese diplomat.

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Gishū Nakayama

Gishū Nakayama (October 5, 1900 Shirakawa-August 19, 1969 Kamakura) was a Japanese writer and novelist.

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Toshiro Mayuzumi

Toshiro Mayuzumi (February 20, 1929 Yokohama-April 10, 1997 Kawasaki) also known as Toshirô Mayuzumi or Mayuzumi Toshiro was a Japanese film score composer, composer and actor. He had one child, Rintaro Mayuzumi.

His discography includes: Mandala Symphony / Bugaku / Symphonic Mood / Rumba Rhapsody, The Warped Ones, Works of Toshiro Mayuzumi, Williams: Sinfonietta for Wind Ensemble / Penderecki: Pittsburgh Overture / Mayuzumi: Music with Sculpture, String Quartets, The Bible and Kuroi Taiyo / Kyonetsu no Kisetsu. Genres he performed: Film score, Chamber music, Electronic art music, Ballet, Opera, 20th-century classical music and Ballet.

He died in liver failure.

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Kiyoshi Katsuki

Kiyoshi Katsuki (October 6, 1881 Saga Prefecture-January 29, 1950) was a Japanese personality.

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Kiyotake Kawaguchi

Kiyotake Kawaguchi (December 3, 1892 Kōchi Prefecture-May 16, 1961) a.k.a. Kiyotaki Kawaguchi was a Japanese personality.

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Minoru Sasaki

Minoru Sasaki (April 5, 1893 Hiroshima Prefecture-April 5, 1961) was a Japanese personality.

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