Japanese musicians died at 76

Here are 22 famous musicians from Japan died at 76:

Tsuyoshi Inukai

Tsuyoshi Inukai (June 4, 1855 Okayama-May 15, 1932 Tokyo) also known as 仙次郎, 犬養 毅, Inukai Tsuyoshi, 木堂, いぬかい つよし or 子遠 was a Japanese politician. His child is called Takeru Inukai.

He died caused by assassination.

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Takashi Shimura

Takashi Shimura (March 12, 1905 Ikuno-February 11, 1982 Tokyo) also known as Shoji Shimazaki, Shimura Takashi or Shimazaki Shoji was a Japanese actor.

He died as a result of emphysema.

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Kiyoshi Kawakami

Kiyoshi Kawakami (August 8, 1873-October 12, 1949) a.k.a. Kiyoshi Karl Kawakami was a Japanese writer.

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Prince Nashimoto Morimasa

Prince Nashimoto Morimasa (March 9, 1874 Kyoto-January 2, 1951 Tokyo) also known as HIH Prince Nashimoto Morimasa was a Japanese personality. He had one child, Yi Bangja.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Kawatake Mokuami

Kawatake Mokuami (March 1, 1816 Nihonbashi-January 22, 1893 Japan) a.k.a. Mokuami Kawatake, Yoshimura Yoshisaburō, Kawatake Shinshichi, 河竹黙阿弥 or 吉村芳三郎 was a Japanese writer and playwright.

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Chōgorō Kaionji

Chōgorō Kaionji (November 5, 1901 Okuchi-December 1, 1977 Tokyo) was a Japanese writer, novelist and screenwriter.

He died in cerebral hemorrhage.

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Taruho Inagaki

Taruho Inagaki (December 26, 1900 Osaka-October 25, 1977) also known as Taruho Inagaki or Inagaki Taruho was a Japanese writer and novelist.

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Shigeo Fukuda

Shigeo Fukuda (February 4, 1932 Tokyo-January 11, 2009) was a Japanese graphic designer.

He died in subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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Uehara Yūsaku

Uehara Yūsaku (December 6, 1856 Miyakonojo-November 8, 1933 Tokyo) a.k.a. Baron Uehara Yusaku was a Japanese personality.

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Kōji Wakamatsu

Kōji Wakamatsu (April 1, 1936 Wakuya-October 17, 2012 Shinjuku) a.k.a. Takashi Ito, Wakamatsu Kōji, Ito Takashi, Kôji Wakamatsu or Koji Wakamatsu was a Japanese film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Kennosuke Sato

Kennosuke Sato (April 5, 1891-April 5, 1967) was a Japanese writer and journalist.

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Ichinohe Hyoe

Ichinohe Hyoe (August 2, 1855 Aomori Prefecture-September 2, 1931 Tokyo) was a Japanese personality.

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Kazuhiro Yamauchi

Kazuhiro Yamauchi (May 1, 1932 Ichinomiya-February 2, 2009 Tokyo) was a Japanese personality.

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Kawamura Kageaki

Kawamura Kageaki (April 8, 1850 Kagoshima-April 28, 1926 Tokyo) also known as Viscount Kawamura Kageaki was a Japanese personality.

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Frank Nagai

Frank Nagai (March 18, 1932 Matsuyama, Miyagi-October 27, 2008 Tokyo) otherwise known as Nagai, Frank was a Japanese singer.

Discography: COLEZO! TWIN, , , , , , , , and .

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Hirata Tosuke

Hirata Tosuke (March 2, 1849 Yonezawa Domain-April 14, 1925 Tokyo) was a Japanese politician.

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Soejima Taneomi

Soejima Taneomi (October 17, 1828 Saga-January 31, 1905) was a Japanese politician.

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Tokugawa Iesato

Tokugawa Iesato (August 24, 1863 Edo-June 5, 1940) was a Japanese politician and daimyo. He had one child, Iemasa Tokugawa.

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Itō Miyoji

Itō Miyoji (May 7, 1857 Nagasaki-February 19, 1934) was a Japanese politician.

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Tani Bunchō

Tani Bunchō (October 15, 1763 Japan-January 6, 1840) was a Japanese personality.

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Ryūkichi Tanaka

Ryūkichi Tanaka (September 28, 1896 Yasugi-November 24, 1972) was a Japanese personality.

He died caused by colorectal cancer.

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Kazuo Hirotsu

Kazuo Hirotsu (December 5, 1891 Tokyo-September 21, 1968 Atami) a.k.a. Kazuo Hirotsu or Hirotsu Kazuo was a Japanese writer.

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