Japanese musicians died because of Laryngeal Cancer

Here are 4 famous musicians from Japan died in Laryngeal Cancer:

Mako Iwamatsu

Mako Iwamatsu (December 10, 1933 Kobe-July 21, 2006 Somis) otherwise known as Makoto Iwamatsu, Mako Wakamatsu, Iwamatsu Mako, 岩松 マコ or Mako was a Japanese actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sala Iwamatsu and Mimosa Iwamatsu.

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Kinpei Azusa

Kinpei Azusa (May 1, 1931 Fukushima Prefecture-May 24, 1997 Ichikawa) also known as Mio Hashimoto, Mitsuo Hashimoto or Kinzō Azusa was a Japanese voice actor.

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Shintaro Katsu

Shintaro Katsu (November 29, 1931 Chiba Prefecture-June 21, 1997 Kashiwa) also known as Katsu, Shintarou, Katsu-shin, Toshio Okumura, Katsu Shintarō, Katsutoshi Gatsu, Okumura Toshio, Shintarô Katsu or Katsumaru Kineya was a Japanese film producer, actor, singer, television director, screenwriter, film director and musician. His children are Ryu Gan and Masami Okumura.

His albums: 勝新太郎ベスト.

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Hiram Bullock

Hiram Bullock (September 11, 1955 Osaka-July 25, 2008 New York City) also known as Bullock, Hiram was a Japanese guitarist.

His albums: From All Sides, Give it What U Got, Color Me, Try Livin' It, Carrasco, Way Kool, World of Collision, and Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix. Genres related to him: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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