Japanese musicians died because of Leukemia

Here are 2 famous musicians from Japan died in Leukemia:

Minako Honda

Minako Honda (July 31, 1967 Itabashi-November 6, 2005 Bunkyō) also known as Honda Minako or Honda, Minako was a Japanese singer and actor.

Her albums: , CANCEL, Midnight Swing, NEW BEST 1500, アメイジング・グレイス, THE VIRGIN CONCERT IN BUDOKAN LIVE, , , and . Genres: Operatic pop, Crossover, J-pop and Pop music.

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Katsuhiko Nakagawa

Katsuhiko Nakagawa (July 20, 1962 Tokyo-September 17, 1994) also known as Nakagawa Katsuhiko was a Japanese presenter, model and singer. He had one child, Shoko Nakagawa.

His discography includes: HUMAN RHYTHM, , FROM PUBERTY, , , and DOUBLE FEATURE. Genres he performed include Music of Japan.

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