Malaysian actors born in 1981

Here are 5 famous actors from Malaysia were born in 1981:

Farid Kamil

Farid Kamil (May 5, 1981 Alor Setar-) also known as Farid Kamil Zahari, Farid Kamil bin Zahari or Kamil is a Malaysian screenwriter, actor, model and film director.

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Nicholas Teo

Nicholas Teo (November 29, 1981 Kuching-) also known as 張棟樑, 张栋梁 or Zhang Dong Liang is a Malaysian singer and actor.

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Mawi (August 25, 1981 Kulai-) is a Malaysian singer, model, actor and spokesperson.

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Awal Ashaari

Awal Ashaari (August 6, 1981 Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur-) also known as Ahmad Awaluddin Shaari or Awal Ashari is a Malaysian model, actor and presenter.

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Iqram Dinzly

Iqram Dinzly (September 29, 1981 Ipoh-) also known as Muhammad Iqram Dinzly bin Muhammad Saipuddin is a Malaysian actor, model, dancer and presenter.

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