Mexican actors who were born in 1904

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1904:

Alfonso Bedoya

Alfonso Bedoya (April 16, 1904 Vícam-December 15, 1957 Mexico City) a.k.a. Alfonso Bedolla, Alfonso 'Indio' Bedoya or J. Bedolla was a Mexican actor.

Emilio Fernández

Emilio Fernández (March 26, 1904 Coahuila-August 6, 1986 Mexico City) a.k.a. Emilio Fernandez, Emilio Fernandez Romo, El Indio, Emilio "El Indio" Fernández, Emilio 'El Indio' Fernandez, Emilio 'Indio' Fernandez or Indio Fernández was a Mexican screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer. He had three children, Xochitl Fernández De Valois, Jacaranda Fernández and Adela Fernández.

Chano Urueta

Chano Urueta (February 24, 1904 Cusihuiriachi-March 23, 1979 Mexico City) also known as Santiago Eduardo Urueta Sierra was a Mexican film director, actor, screenwriter and film producer. He had three children, Marco A. Urueta Orta, Luisa Lucia Urueta Orta and Iliana Urueta Orta.

Salvador Baguez

Salvador Baguez (January 9, 1904 Juárez Municipality, Chihuahua-July 26, 1979 Los Angeles) also known as Salvador Bagues, Salvadore Baguez or Salvador Baquez was a Mexican actor.

Gonzalo Curiel

Gonzalo Curiel (January 10, 1904 Guadalajara-July 4, 1958 Mexico City) also known as Gonzalo Curiel y Orquesta was a Mexican film score composer and actor.

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