Mexican actors who were born in 1909

Here are 9 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1909:

Roberto Gavaldón

Roberto Gavaldón (June 7, 1909 Jiménez Municipality, Chihuahua-September 4, 1986 Mexico City) a.k.a. Roberto Gavaldon, Roberto Gavaldón Leyva, R. Gavaldón or Roberto Gabaldon was a Mexican film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. His child is called Roberta Gavaldón.

José Torvay

José Torvay (January 28, 1909 Durango-November 5, 1973 Mexico) also known as Jose Yanez Torvay, Jose Torvay, Jose Torbay, José I. Torvay, Jose Torvai, Jose Y. Torvay or José Torbay was a Mexican actor.

Carlos López Moctezuma

Carlos López Moctezuma (November 19, 1909 Mexico City-July 14, 1980 Aguascalientes) otherwise known as Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Carlos Moctezuma, Carlos L. Moctezuma or Carlos López Moctezuma Pineda was a Mexican actor.

Miguel Suárez

Miguel Suárez (October 21, 1909 Toluca-November 5, 1993 Mexico City) was a Mexican actor.

Jesús Murcielago Velázquez

Jesús Murcielago Velázquez (October 30, 1909 Hidalgo-May 26, 1972 Mexico City) otherwise known as Jesús Velázquez, Murcielago Velázquez, Jesus Velazquez 'El Murcielago', Jesus Velazquez Quintero, 'Murcielago' Velasquez, Murcielago Velasquez, 'Murcielago' Velazquez, Jesus 'Murcielago' Velazquez, Jesus Velazquez, Jesús 'Murcielago' Velazquez, Murcielago Velazquez, Jesús Velásquez, Jesús 'Murcielago' Velázquez or Jesús 'Murciélago' Velázquez was a Mexican actor, screenwriter and writer.

Augusto Benedico

Augusto Benedico (December 20, 1909 Alicante-January 19, 1992 Mexico City) also known as Augusto Pérez Lías was a Mexican actor and writer.

Fernando Cortés

Fernando Cortés (October 4, 1909 San Juan-November 5, 1979 Mexico City) otherwise known as Frédéric Corte, Fernando J. Cortes or Fernando Cortes was a Mexican film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

Enrique Cancino

Enrique Cancino (December 3, 1909 Durango-) is a Mexican actor.

Ramón Armengod

Ramón Armengod (October 10, 1909 Veracruz-October 31, 1976 Chilpancingo) also known as Ramon Armengod or El Chansonnier de moda was a Mexican singer and actor.

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