Mexican actors who were born in 1920

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1920:

Ricardo Montalbán

Ricardo Montalbán (November 25, 1920 Mexico City-January 14, 2009 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino, Ricardo Montalban, Ricardo Gonzálo Pedro Montalbán Merino or Ricardo Montalvan was a Mexican actor, spokesperson and voice actor. His children are called Laura Montalbán, Anita Montalbán, Mark Montalbán and Victor Montalbán.

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Rodolfo Acosta

Rodolfo Acosta (July 29, 1920 Chihuahua-November 7, 1974 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Rudy Acosta, Rudolfo Acosta, Rudolph Acosta, Rudolph Aocsta, Rudy or Rodolfo Acosta Perez was a Mexican actor. He had four children, Dante Acosta, Timur Acosta, Loredo Acosta and Jeanine Acosta.

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Enrique Lucero

Enrique Lucero (October 9, 1920 Chihuahua-May 9, 1989 Mexico City) also known as Ewrique Lucero, Henry Lucero or Henry Lucern was a Mexican actor.

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Jorge Martínez de Hoyos

Jorge Martínez de Hoyos (September 25, 1920 Mexico City-May 6, 1997 Mexico City) also known as Jorge Martinez De Hoyos, Mapache or Jorge Martinez de Hoyas was a Mexican actor.

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Rogelio A. González

Rogelio A. González (January 27, 1920 Monterrey-May 22, 1984 Saltillo) also known as Antonio Rogelio González Villarreal, Rogelio A. Gonzalez Jr., Rogelio Gonzalez Jr., Rgelio Gonzalez, Rogelio Gonzalez, Rogelio A. González Jr., Rogelio A. Gonzalez V. or Rogelio González V. was a Mexican film director, screenwriter and actor. His child is called Rojo Grau.

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