Mexican actors who were born in 1931

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1931:

Javier Solís

Javier Solís (September 1, 1931 Tacubaya-April 19, 1966 Mexico City) also known as Javier Solis, Solís, Javier, Gabriel Siria Levario or El Rey del Bolero was a Mexican singer and actor.

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Manuel Valdés

Manuel Valdés (January 29, 1931 Ciudad Juárez-) also known as Manuel Gómez Valdés Castillo, Manuel Valdés 'Loco Valdes', Manuel 'Loco Valdes', Manuel 'Loco' Valdez, Manolo 'Loco' Valdés, Manuel 'El Loco' Valdés, Manuel Valdes, Manuel 'Loco' Valdéz, El Loco or Manuel Gómez Valdés de Castillo is a Mexican screenwriter, actor and comedian. He has two children, Cristian Castro and Marcos Valdés.

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Narciso Busquets

Narciso Busquets (September 8, 1931 Mexico City-December 14, 1989 Mexico City) also known as Narciso Busquet was a Mexican actor, voice actor and film director.

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Emilio García Riera

Emilio García Riera (November 17, 1931 Ibiza-October 11, 2002 Zapopan) was a Mexican actor and screenwriter.

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Aarón Hernán

Aarón Hernán (November 20, 1931 Camargo-) is a Mexican actor.

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