Mexican actors who were born in 1941

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1941:

Alejandro Suárez

Alejandro Suárez (July 26, 1941 Mexico City-) also known as Ajeandro Suarez is a Mexican actor.

Rafael Inclán

Rafael Inclán (February 22, 1941 Mérida-) also known as Rafael Inclan, Rafael Jiménez Inclán or Rafael Jimenez Inclan is a Mexican actor and screenwriter.

Jorge Vargas

Jorge Vargas (June 25, 1941 Aguascalientes Municipality-November 2, 2009 Mexico City) was a Mexican actor. He had two children, Ernesto D'Alessio and Jorge D'Alessio.

Jorge Patiño

Jorge Patiño (April 18, 1941 Mexico City-) is a Mexican screenwriter and actor.

Andrés García

Andrés García (May 24, 1941 Santo Domingo-) also known as Andres Garcia is a Mexican actor and film producer. He has two children, Andrés García Jr. and Leonardo García.

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