Mexican actors who were born in 1975

Here are 7 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1975:

Arath de la Torre

Arath de la Torre (March 20, 1975 Cancún-) also known as Arath is a Mexican actor and comedian. His children are called Gala de la Torre Lu and Luca de la Torre Lu.

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Tony Dalton

Tony Dalton (February 13, 1975 Laredo-) also known as Álvaro Luis Bernat Dalton is a Mexican presenter and actor.

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Andrés Montiel

Andrés Montiel (January 30, 1975 Guadalajara-) is a Mexican actor.

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Raúl Méndez

Raúl Méndez (April 11, 1975 Torreón-) otherwise known as Raúl Mendez, Raúl Méndez Martínez or Raule Mendez is a Mexican actor.

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Gabriel Soto

Gabriel Soto (April 17, 1975 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Gabriel Soto Borja-Diaz, Gabriel Soto Borja-Díaz or Gabo is a Mexican model and actor. He has one child, Elisa Marie Soto.

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Andrés Palacios

Andrés Palacios (May 13, 1975 Santiago-) a.k.a. Andres Palacios is a Mexican actor.

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Paulo Quevedo

Paulo Quevedo (February 1, 1975 Ciudad Juárez-) a.k.a. Paulo Cesar Quevedo de la Vega, Paulo César Quevedo or César Quevedo is a Mexican actor, model and singer.

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