Mexican actors who were born in 1982

Here are 8 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1982:

Aarón Díaz

Aarón Díaz (March 7, 1982 Puerto Vallarta-) also known as Aaron Diaz, Aaron Diaz Spencer or Gilberto Aaron Diaz Spencer is a Mexican singer, model and actor. He has one child, Erin Díaz.

Pablo Azar

Pablo Azar (July 27, 1982 Mexico City-) is a Mexican actor.

Luis Arrieta

Luis Arrieta (July 23, 1982 Mexico City-) otherwise known as Luis Arrieta Joffe is a Mexican actor, film producer and screenwriter.

Luis Gerardo Mendez

Luis Gerardo Mendez (March 12, 1982 Aguascalientes-) is a Mexican actor.

Luis Fernando Peña

Luis Fernando Peña (September 27, 1982 Mexico City-) also known as Luis Fernando Peña is a Mexican actor.

Salvador Benavides

Salvador Benavides (February 19, 1982 Mexico City-) also known as Chava Benavides is a Mexican actor.

Hugo Catalán

Hugo Catalán (March 22, 1982 Mexico City-) also known as Hugo Emilio Catalán Beltrán is a Mexican actor.

Rob Cavazos

Rob Cavazos (August 18, 1982 Monterrey-) also known as Robert Carragher or Roberto Federico Cavazos Von Loesecke is a Mexican actor, writer and film producer.

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