Mexican actors who deceased at age 58

Here are 4 famous actors from Mexico died at 58:

José Elías Moreno

José Elías Moreno (November 12, 1910 Unión de San Antonio-July 15, 1969 Mexico) also known as Jose Elias Moreno, José Elías Moreno Padilla or Elias Moreno was a Mexican actor. He had three children, José Elías Moreno, Beatriz Moreno and Ángela Moreno.

He died in traffic collision.

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Manuel Saval

Manuel Saval (June 22, 1956 Hermosillo-April 5, 2015) was a Mexican actor.

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Rigo Tovar

Rigo Tovar (March 29, 1946 Matamoros-March 27, 2005) also known as Tovar, Rigo was a Mexican singer and actor.

He died as a result of diabetes mellitus.

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Narciso Busquets

Narciso Busquets (September 8, 1931 Mexico City-December 14, 1989 Mexico City) also known as Narciso Busquet was a Mexican actor, voice actor and film director.

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