Mexican actors who deceased at age 68

Here are 7 famous actors from Mexico died at 68:

Arturo de Córdova

Arturo de Córdova (May 8, 1905 Mérida-November 3, 1973 Mexico City) also known as Arturo García Rodríguez or The Speaker of elegance was a Mexican actor.

He died caused by stroke.

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Víctor Urruchúa

Víctor Urruchúa (December 30, 1912 Mexico-April 5, 1981 Mexico) was a Mexican screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Claudio Brook

Claudio Brook (August 28, 1927 Mexico City-October 18, 1995 Mexico City) also known as Claudio Brooke, Claudio Brooks, Claude Brook or Claudio Brook Marnat was a Mexican actor and football player. He had three children, Gabriel Brook, Simone Brooks and Arturo Brook.

He died in stomach cancer.

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Enrique Lucero

Enrique Lucero (October 9, 1920 Chihuahua-May 9, 1989 Mexico City) also known as Ewrique Lucero, Henry Lucero or Henry Lucern was a Mexican actor.

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Óscar Pulido

Óscar Pulido (February 2, 1906 Mexico City-May 23, 1974 Mexico City) also known as Pulido Oscar Enriquez or Óscar Pulido Enríquez was a Mexican actor.

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David Reynoso

David Reynoso (January 29, 1926 Aguascalientes-June 9, 1994 Mexico City) also known as David Reinoso was a Mexican actor, film director and singer. He had two children, Jorge Reynoso and Sergio Reynoso.

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Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo

Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo (November 2, 1910 Havana-December 13, 1978 Mexico City) also known as Óscar O. de Piñedo was a Mexican actor, comedian, producer, film director and writer. His child is called Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

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